About AstrOceanomy

Hello there,

This blog was created to write about astronomy, space and science. But often it covers wide range of topics such as fun, music, engineering, etc. It usually covers topics related to astronomy, Astronomy/Science & Qur’an or near it.

Sometimes it can get so quite out here in AstrOceanomy, so why not join and add your reviews, thoughts and ideas to challenge me/others, to explore and develop our ideas, to understand and protect our home planet Earth, to explore the universe and search for life. To inspire the next wave generation of explorers, and to build a roof for the oldest biggest science, our science astronomy which has no roof?

In case you were asking and wondering about the background sound, images, information, etc. Please visit the other section here. For thus who wish want to help me in any way, please visit here and choose (Spaces blog) as the subject. The email address is astronomy, followed by the email clockwise spiral galaxy arm @ and then followed by my name dot com.

Hope you will love this blog and be part of our astro-bloggers community glob Sphere. See ya around

Brilliant stars,