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  1. Wordy Greetings from the Icy Realm of WordPress Planet! Looking way cool in this interstellar world of yours and some wonderful views as I whizzed through the Wordy Hole to get here! A very wonderous world you have created in the great galactic land of Wordiness 😉 I am seriously impressed…Well done!!

    Inspired Skies 😉

    Europa’s Wordy Intergalactic Ice Wolf 🙂

  2. Hi Europa 🙂
    Thanks a lot for visiting my interstellar world 🙂 . I’m happy that you are impressed, because that means I landed successfully.. and Congratulations,
    you are the 1st one to comment on my guestbook 🙂

    Clear Skies,

  3. Hello Mundhir 🙂
    Bobbing along gently on the celestial sea of AstrOceanOmy aboard/clinging precariously…lol…to the WordPress Planet Solar Sail 😉 Some beautiful views from here…all the better when seen through the sparkly new telescope I lurched onto the Solar Sail with…just about managed to avoid toppling it into the sea of AstrOceanOmy!

    Sparkly skies 🙂

  4. Hi Europa 🙂
    Don’t worry. AstrOceanOmy has around zero gravity force on top of the Ocean 🙂
    So you might feel toppling above the Ocean, but you wont fall.. Different World isn’t it 🙂

  5. The AstrOceanOmy Ocean is indeed a most intriguingly topple-free one in that case! 😉
    There are many wonders to behold in it!! 🙂

  6. It’s taken a light year or two to battle through those cloudy polluted skies to reach your AstrOceanOmy world Mundhir!
    In that time the shared house I was residing in managed to get itself repossessed when the landlord didn’t pay the mortgage
    and Icewolf found herself well and truly evicted on arriving home from work and therefore homeless!!!
    This highly unwelcome situation has now temp’ at least been resolved and am no longer homeless 🙂 but it has taken its toll on my blog visiting time!
    Let’s just say I really really feel for the Japanese evacuees in Fukushima….I had 15 mins to collect my personal possessions and get out of the house…I lost a lot of stuff…telescope included….not a good feeling and my heart goes out to those Japanese people. BUT! I am here now to wish you happy weekend and bright and clear skies! 🙂

    • Hi Europa 🙂 , Welcome back to AstrOceanOmy
      I’m sorry to hear about the housing and landlord problems.. This is the most tearable and unwanted situation.. It’s about personal Security too..
      We are living in a tough Era. I’m living in my parents house, but soon in few years I might be living on my own. I have to take full responsibility to pay the rent fees and other living bills.. This is so true if I decided to get married. The rent fees here is so expensive. Higher than the sky itself. I need a giant telescope to see the total bill including a radio telescope to see any hiding costs… Living on Earth especially in the Cities is becoming a nightmare.

      Yeah, I know that blogging needs time 🙂 , I don’t have the time to blog as most of the time I’m in Orbit (Work) and by the time I come back to Earth (Home) I feel so tired.

      Losing a telescope is not a joke Europa… I hope you will get it back..
      I feel sorry for those Japanese people, and all I could just do is pray for them. They need time to recover things up..

      Europa you take care and be safe.. Wish you a happy weekend to you as well..
      Remember that losing belongings is not the end of life… The most valuable thing in this life is your true friends and family 🙂

  7. I have fought my way through black holes and worm holes, and past fiery hot “melting rods” glowing with the fires of a radio-active hell to get to AstroOceanOmy!!!! So it is very good to be back in it, albeit a little battle scarred and possibly a touch irradiated 😉

    You are so right about the most valuable thing in this life…it is a lesson I have learned well recently. Material possessions are just that. They mean very little when push comes to shove. It has been costly to replace the essentials I had to leave behind but it is a very small price to pay to remembering the most important things in life are quite definately not the material ones. We can become so busy protecting our material things and building them up that compassion for others, time and patience and willingness to be there when we are needed can so easily be tossed by the wayside without us even realising it has happened. You are also so right about personal security…priceless! As you find out when it’s well and truly gone!

    I totally understand where you’re coming from re the huge rent situation. It’s sky high down here too, and it’s unlikely I personally would ever be able to afford even a tiny one bedroom flat in this area. The bills are a nightmare on top of the rent, and I’m sure it must seem quite daunting for you too at times. But you have everything going for you, you are clearly a very intelligent and well educated man with a great future ahead of you…and I am sure when the time’s right you will find a lovely and intelligent wife to share your life with! On your own or as two people togetherI am certain you will be able to manage an independant home and bills in a very impressive fashion, when the time comes 🙂
    Clear skies and bright futures!

    • Thanks Europa, well I really hope so that the future will be great..
      However I think the future around the world will be even worse…and we must prepare for it…for that day!
      The future could be brighter..if we prepare for that black day…
      I really hope to find that lovely wife soon 😉
      Hope things are going on well with you Europa…take care 🙂

      I know that life on Earth could be bad…That’s why I created AstrOceanOmy World… 🙂 Artificial world hahaha 🙂

  8. Greetings from Europa 🙂 I used my phone app (see your blog post)to track you down in AstrOceanOmy World 😉 You have indeed been finding fascinating items in the AstrOceanOmy life 🙂 Or should that be the AstrOceanOmy i-phone?!! Hope you’re having a great week…far too hot on Earth so chilling out on the homeworld…watching the skies of Earth from my HTC mobiel!!!

  9. Saw a link on the Starry Night forum and came by for a visit. Interesting combination of topics all on one website. I wish you well.

  10. Hi from the clouded Netherlands 🙂

  11. a new student of astronomy. Always a star watcher, now understanding why .

  12. hi, I have just recently got into astronomy, and I’m thinking of doing it as my profession when I’m done high school, do any of you guys have any helpful tips for me?

  13. Greetings from USA 😉
    Nice to see so many fans of astronomy and telescopes!

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