Astronomers Without Borders (AWB)



The star-filled night fascinates us all. People have gazed upward at it in wonder and awe for thousands of years. Regardless of earthly differences in culture, nationality or religion, the heavens are a common meeting ground for all of Earth’s inhabitants. The boundaries we place between us vanish when we look skyward. Whoever, whatever or wherever we are, we all share the same sky.

Sharing is an integral part of appreciating the cosmos. Amateur astronomers regularly take their telescopes to public sites and invite others to join them in their exploration of the skies. The veterans relive the thrill of discovery alongside these new space explorers. This passion to share the night sky crosses international borders and cultures as well.

The heavens transcend political, ethnic and religious differences. The tensions of everyday life seem to drain away before the wonder and enormity of the skies, and those standing in darkness with heads turned upward never ask people beside them about their origins or beliefs. In that moment, differences are forgotten and we are one beneath the sky we share.

It is this bond between people that Astronomers Without Borders hopes to foster. A brief message or the gift of a small telescope can grow into lasting bonds, goodwill and friendships that reach around the world. Understanding replaces ignorance and suspicion. Media images are superceded by the faces of real people. Relationships, support and personal connections supplant stereotypes.

Astronomers Without Borders is people meeting among the heavens. It is only natural to do so. After all, we all share the same sky.

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