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  1. Hey Mundhir, much appreciation for the comment you left on my space eariler. I like your space too, its got some interesting blogs on here especially the \’Warning\’ Blog lol.Take it easy.

  2. bruv i lyk it man keep it real

  3. the story teller

    hi mundhir great space still not sure on this relgion crisis im all for human rites but when i hear muslems wanting to make the whole world muslim its a worry we go on about war whitch is obsene to me but how many people have died in the name off relgion  i hear how much money is spent on war it fills me with saddness imagine how far we could go with all that money schools health poverty  thats why i will never be religious my   faith is in mankind and in the good people in it  any way got to go best wishes

  4. Hey Awsum Space You Got Here

  5. hi there,i think ur space is pretty cool and even tho i dont agree with everythin u av 2 say…thats cool coz if we all thought the same…well the world wouldnt be the same would it??i went to central lancashire uni i had the best time eva an finished my degree last year…i lived at Moor lane halls…its near the library..i did human biology an forensics!!!im an atheist so i totally dont get the whole "religion"thing but if you do,good on u!!!if u wanna send me sumkind of response….u cud do that…look after urself 🙂

  6. hiyyyy signin ur guestbook

  7. Joss the Great

    yes, i am a random person

  8. hey bbz

  9. Just a random person signing the guestbook as you requested

  10. top one mate and question with out tacking the piss you must be a tracke are into stargate? 

  11. to you,

  12. Flange

  13. Hey Satrun,
    Nice space you have…your smart….you must know things about computers and this stuff…..great space….see ya 🙂

  14. Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my space and saying hi, thought I would return the favour…you have a cool space

  15. the story teller

    hi satram hope you are well sorry i havent been around have got a injurded arm so no msn your site goes from strenth to strenth  its a great site love the colliding gallaxy pics sorry about spelling gettin old and tired will see you soon best barry p/s nice to see someone explaining the muslim faith thank you

  16. Hey there
    Thanks for all your kind words and the photo you asked about is Nang Trang beach in vietnam.
    Love your space
    Take care Paradise x

  17. Woah…u\’ve got sum reali wiked stuff going on in ur space…I cant imagine the amount of hard work you must\’ve put thru to develop this space and continuously update it.Appreciate it!!Nuff respect, keep safe and God bless!!P.

  18. Hi just passing through and saw this site.just thought i tell you what a great site you\’ve got here.
    feel free to visit mine.

  19. Hi Thanks for dropping by and for the comments you left me.Love the  Astronomy theme of your  Live Space.I,ll be back to have a browse round later.Dave

  20. hi mundhir i was just passing through what an amazing space cool!! im lost for word\’s and that is new for me lol will be back lot to read yet joannie

  21. well im back mundhir, and thanks for adding me to your friends list, am glad you enjoyed my music. iwas looking at your photos loll love the breakfast he he! i will be back as there is so much to look at here cool space joannie

  22. Hi just having a look looking good as ever love the documentaries.Have a good weekend.

  23. Hi I\’ve had to delete my space due to a few problems ive been having,luckily i backed everything up so i invited you to my friends list again.
    Hope your having a great weekend

  24. Hi Brother COOOOOOOOOOOOL Website  i loved it i juss wanna know how do you do it I Think its a Gift LOL hehe keep it up !!Take CareRegards your brother Tariiiq

    Hi Mundhir,
    thank you for the compliments on my site, I didn\’t get a chance to have a good look around your place earlier, but love it.. a lot of hard work and effort has gone into it…
    call in again ..anytime..
    love n hugs

  26. Hi Mundhir just dropped by to have a look round and read some of the interesting articals.
    Just been looking at the earth like planet found.
    Will take ages to read everything so i guess ill have to keep visiting.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  27. Great Space,  love the pics and astronomy  links, cool

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    to it’s fastidious posts

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