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Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15


People in the Arab world, European, African and Western Asian countries will witness a total lunar eclipse on Wednesday (June 15) and will be viewed in relative density for 100 minutes over two days.

It is the first of two total lunar eclipses in 2011, the second occurring on December 10.

Bookmark your calendar now, if you’re in the indicated zone above

The eclipse will start at 10:23 pm (GMT+4) on Wednesday in partial shading, develop into full eclipse at 11:23 pm (GMT+4) on the same day and continue till 1:02 am (GMT+4) on Thursday.

“The peak of the lunar eclipse will be at 12:13 (GMT+4) (Wednesday), while the partial lunar eclipse will last till 2:02 am (GMT+4) (Thursday).” The moon will not disappear totally because of the reflection of sunshine from the Earth’s surface.

Lunar Eclipse

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Provided by Larry

Clear Skies on June 15th hopefully 🙂

Let Me Shine

I just received this brilliant poem from a friend and would like to share it here.  All thanks to Micheal who wrote this shiny poem.  Well Done

When Galileo was alive, he could see every Constellation in the sky
Through the centuries Men, Women, and Children sang night time songs
Never knowing it would soon be gone
Then some damn fool invents the Street Light
We all said goodbye to the skies at night
Now it’s up to us to find the ways
To get back the good old days
We spend all night awake, looking for a solution
For this nightmare of ours is called Light Pollution

– by Michael Uberty, USA.