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Nuclear Energy! Is it Green?


Well, the question Is it GREEN means the following:

  • Is it Safe for the Environment?
  • Is it Healthy?
  • Is it cheap? / Economical?
  • Is it recyclable / renewable?
  • Is Radioactive material Green?
  • Is it truly Green in terms of short and long term.

The answer to these questions is in the word itself (“Nuclear” Energy / Power)

Nuclear sounds to me as  No-Clear Energy / Power

So what’s behind the No-Clear Green? That is the question.

I think history already answered to that question!  See the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant disaster  & The Three Mile Island disaster

Now I feel sorry for Japan. The same scenario happening at the moment in Fukushima Nuclear power plant while I’m typing this.

What really made Nuclear power as “Green” is because people who designed this technology said that it emit relatively low amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). Therefore less harm to the environment.

So again I say

What’s behind the No-Clear Green?


Please have a look at the following file for the answer/s


The World has started protesting Nuclear because its No-Clear

 (Please spread the message)

Astronomy Edition Mobile Phone


Turn your mobile phone into Astronomy Edition. Sounds strange right !

OK, what I had in mind before coming up with this idea is that I needed a red flash light.

Why do I need a red flashlight?

Because astronomers use very dim, red colored flashlights as to allow for their eyesight to remain as adopted to night-time vision as possible

I own so many kind of red flash lights, but the problem is that I always had to buy new batteries before going for astronomical activity at the dark skies.

But not anymore with this new Astronomy Edition Mobile Phone (AEMP™).

All what I needed are the following:

  1. Mobile phone Model Nokia 1202
  2. Red marker pen – Permanent type
  3. Mobile phone tool set

Ok, lets start:

Nokia 1202 and a Red marker pen 

Nokia 1202 and a Red marker pen


tool set

Use the tools to open the Phone



Start painting all the applicable areas;

Screen, keyboards, keypads, & flashlight


Inside and Outside for best output performance

The flashlight area on top of the phone

Done>>> looks ugly & cheap at day light but smart & professional @ night

Looks I have to reapply on the screen,

Red flashlight works very well

PinGO, Done

Yup, that it.

Now I can use my mobile in a different way ^_^

The reason Why I chose this model ( Nokia 1202) is because;

  • Its very cheap – around 10 to 15 pounds
  • Has a Monochrome screen, therefore less power consumption
  • Very lightweight & very easy to handle
  • Has a Flashlight
  • Very dim, red colored light > perfect for reading star charts,
  • Light can be turned on for the whole night with the same light power output.
  • No one will steal it… Its cheap and ugly
  • No headache if you lose it.. Just buy another one ^_^

Please share your thoughts. If you’re looking for ordinary Red flashlights, please visit AstrOceanOmy Store.