Nuclear Energy! Is it Green?


Well, the question Is it GREEN means the following:

  • Is it Safe for the Environment?
  • Is it Healthy?
  • Is it cheap? / Economical?
  • Is it recyclable / renewable?
  • Is Radioactive material Green?
  • Is it truly Green in terms of short and long term.

The answer to these questions is in the word itself (“Nuclear” Energy / Power)

Nuclear sounds to me as  No-Clear Energy / Power

So what’s behind the No-Clear Green? That is the question.

I think history already answered to that question!  See the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant disaster  & The Three Mile Island disaster

Now I feel sorry for Japan. The same scenario happening at the moment in Fukushima Nuclear power plant while I’m typing this.

What really made Nuclear power as “Green” is because people who designed this technology said that it emit relatively low amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). Therefore less harm to the environment.

So again I say

What’s behind the No-Clear Green?


Please have a look at the following file for the answer/s


The World has started protesting Nuclear because its No-Clear

 (Please spread the message)

3 responses to “Nuclear Energy! Is it Green?

  1. Of course it’s not green!!!! It is the silent killer!!! Low amounts of CO2??!!! Less harm to the environment?? Oh yes!! Irradiating the environment is much better idea!!! Studied this subject in considerable depth as it has always held grave concerns to me. That file is very interesting…certain photos are very gruelling viewing, but maybe if more people saw them and faced the truth the world might start to change its attitude the subject. The events at Fukushima are horrendous especially for those guys who are out there working to contain it. I heard one of them has already taken 5x the recommended radiation level for a whole lifetime. Suicide.

  2. Hi Europa,
    Thanks for your comments. Its very good subject indeed. Yeah its silent killer.
    and whenever I see that green logo above, I feel that its an Alien blood.
    You know Aliens blood is green as per the movies 🙂
    Well, Fukushima’s events are still on the race, so I’ve got nothing to do except Pray and warn people worldwide about this No-Clear Alien blood ^_^

  3. Dear Stars,
    Please have a look at Europa’s post>>>

    Very interesting facts about Chernobyl Dead City…

    Clear Skies,

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