Astronomy – State of the Art

Astronomy – State of the Art Course by Professor Chris Impey



About this course

This course is for anyone who loves astronomy and wants to get up to date on the most recent astronomical discoveries.  Join Professor Chris Impey and our team of instructors from Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona to learn the science behind the latest astronomy news headlines, to enrich your understanding of the universe, and to glimpse the future of this exciting area of research. Courses runs from March 25 to May 10, with one major topic covered each week for seven weeks. Lecture material will be augmented by discussion, live Q&A, and guest lectures. Find us on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and follow us on Twitter @AstronomySOTA.

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what’s in the course?
Over 26 lectures and 2 hours of content!
Become familiar with the cutting edge of astronomy research, from the Solar System and exoplanets to galaxies and the distant universe.
Learn how astronomers are addressing profound issues such as the existence of life beyond Earth and black holes and the nature of dark matter and dark energy.
Gain an appreciation for the technological innovations in telescopes and detectors that are transforming our view of the universe.

Course requirements:
Interest in Astronomy

Who Should Attend?
Amateur Astronomers
Planetarium Educators
Science Center and Museum Educators
Science Teachers
Astronomy Instructors
Students of Astronomy

This course runs from March 25 to May 10, 2013 for free. You can still register for this course if you were late. Completion Certificates Available. Register online:

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  1. This sounds so cool! I’ve just recently embarked on some courses designed to update my qualifications etc and they are so intensive I seem to spend most of my time preparing and sending in assignments! My world is revolving around them now! lol 😉 But this course sounds great so I shall certainly be chasing it up 🙂

    I hope all is well with you, it’s been a long time since you were last on here! Missed you, and it’s lovely to see you back 🙂

    Wolfie skies 😀

    • Hi Europa 🙂 ,sorry for my late reply I was busy with other International course which is related to my work.. I hope you’re doing well, yeah It’s been long time, miss you too.

      I didn’t even finish my online Astronomy course (State of the Art Course by Professor Chris Impey) How’s yours going on! Did you enrol?

      Take Care, I’ll be back 😉
      I’m just around the corner.. In Orbit :))

      Clear Skies

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