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Astronomy – State of the Art

Astronomy – State of the Art Course by Professor Chris Impey



About this course

This course is for anyone who loves astronomy and wants to get up to date on the most recent astronomical discoveries.  Join Professor Chris Impey and our team of instructors from Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona to learn the science behind the latest astronomy news headlines, to enrich your understanding of the universe, and to glimpse the future of this exciting area of research. Courses runs from March 25 to May 10, with one major topic covered each week for seven weeks. Lecture material will be augmented by discussion, live Q&A, and guest lectures. Find us on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and follow us on Twitter @AstronomySOTA.

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what’s in the course?
Over 26 lectures and 2 hours of content!
Become familiar with the cutting edge of astronomy research, from the Solar System and exoplanets to galaxies and the distant universe.
Learn how astronomers are addressing profound issues such as the existence of life beyond Earth and black holes and the nature of dark matter and dark energy.
Gain an appreciation for the technological innovations in telescopes and detectors that are transforming our view of the universe.

Course requirements:
Interest in Astronomy

Who Should Attend?
Amateur Astronomers
Planetarium Educators
Science Center and Museum Educators
Science Teachers
Astronomy Instructors
Students of Astronomy

This course runs from March 25 to May 10, 2013 for free. You can still register for this course if you were late. Completion Certificates Available. Register online:

Clear Skies

Final Project in Beng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

 Hey everyone,
As I’m now doing my Beng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering… Today is My Project Specification and plan deadline…I have chosen Thrust Washer as my project title….

here is the link to my Project Specification and plan for download.

I will later on create a website for the project and put every information about it as i can.
have a nice day,

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How Can This Be

Gavin :        a  =  b

                 a2  = ab

                   a2 – b2 =  ab – b2

             (a+b)(a-b) =  b(a-b)

            (a+b) = b

            a + a  =  a

               2a  =

Air Craft Info

ONE: ~


Frame: the whole of an aircraft without its engines, it’s the body which
protects and holds all the aircraft components.


Engines: it is used to suck high amounts of air and to compress the air and the
result is high power of thrust.


~ are long pieces of metal and its function is to equalize the plan during
flight, wings consists of: ~

its function is to reduce the speed and stop the plan while landing.

its function is to increase the lift or drag, and it’s used to reduce landing

its function is to allow the plan to roll left or right and bank during flight.


*Fin: ~
it is a long vertically wing and it consists of: ~

its function is to move the nose of the plane left or right.


Plane: ~ it is a short wing, its function is to produce lift and balance the
plane, and it consists of: ~

its function is to move the nose of the plane up or down.


are huge circles of tyre and its function is to support the whole weight of the
plane and to move the plane on the land during landing and takeoff.



TWO: ~


The component parts:~

-Wings consist of spoiler, flap, aileron, leading edge flap,
port navigation light, landing lights and fuel tanks.

-Fin consists of rudder.

-Tail plane consists of elevator.


Locate components:~

-Wings are located in the middle of the aircraft, ailerons
and flaps are located in the rear edge of each wing.

-Jet engines are located just under the first point of the

-Fin is located vertically at the end of the plane; rudder
is connected to it just behind it.

-Tail Plane is located horizontally at the end of the plane
and elevator is connected to it just behind it.

-Wheels: one is located just down in front of the plane and
the other two wheels are located under the wings.


Connect components:~

Almost all of the wings fin and tail plane are connected
with long strong bolts and hinges, except part of the wings, fin and tail plane
are connected to the airframe by welding.

-wheels are connected by flywheel and flywheel is joined to
the landing gear shaft by bolts.



-Totally all of the aircraft components are made from high
light strong aluminium or mixture of titanium, except some other parts like the
wheels which are made from strong heat resistance rubber.



-The frame is made from light aluminium and the plane almost
looks like a bird, the purpose is to increase the speed of the plane during
flight, increase the lifting force and to reduce the drag force from the plane.





is it called?

-It is
called aircraft known as Boeing 747.


is it function?

function is to travel thro air and to takeoff and land during each flight.