Accurate Times (AT)

By Mohammad Odeh

Accurate Times is the official program adopted by the Jordanian Ministry
of Islamic Affairs to calculate the prayer times in Jordan. The program runs
under Windows, and it is written by Mohammad Odeh, a member of the Jordanian
Astronomical Society (JAS), and the Vice-President  of Crescents’ Observation
and Mawaqeet Committee, of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS).

Accurate Times calculates the following astronomical events:-

1- Islamic prayer times (Fajer, Shuroq, Dhohur, Aser, Maghreb, and Isha).
2- Sun times (Beginning and end of twilight, sunrise, sunset, and Sun transit).
3- Moon times (Moon rise, Moon transit, and Moon set).
4- Moon phases (Geocentric or Topocentric).
5- Crescent visibility for both; new and old crescents.
6- Crescent visibility world map for both; new and old crescents.
7- Calculations for Sun and Moon ephemeris.
8- Qiblah direction (Direction to Ka’bah in Mecca).
9- Qiblah time (The time at which the Sun or Sun’s shadow is at the Qiblah direction).
10- Hejric-Gregorian conversion.
11- The prayer call (Athan) launches automatically when it is the time of the prayer.
12- A reminder is heard few minutes before the next prayer.

I’ve been using this software since years, and everyone asks me about it, so just thought to post it up here

Have Fun, extra information can be found in ICOP, JAS & under Help within the software itself

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