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Apple iPhone 4 Goes to Space

AstrO Gears Product showcase: Apple iPhone 4                                     AstrOceanOmy Store


Product Features Description

  • iPhone 4. The fastest, highest-resolution iPhone
  • FaceTime
  • Retina Display
  • Multitasking
  • HD Video Recording and Editing
  • 5-Megapixel Camera with LED Flash
  • Astronomy Edition 🙂

Yeah! The most amazing feature in iPhone 4 is the Gyroscope built-in. Which makes the iPhone 4 Astronomy edition.

I’m including iPhone 4 as one of my AstrO Gears product. Why! Just see below… I will include more features of this gear later on.

Last year Father-Son Team lunched iPhone 4 into Space with weather balloon. They have used an insulated craft, weather balloon, iPhone 4 and a HD video camera to enter the space and film down the whole process. iPhone 4 was used to locate the location of the craft. Check out the video>>>

iPhone in Orbit


Interesting right!

The next surprise is that iPhone 4 this Month will be taken aboard the International Space Station via STS-135 to help conduct ground breaking experiments. Odyssey Space Research LLC, of Houston, TX, has developed an iOS application that will take advantage of the iPhones built-in mechanisms.

The experiments will perform onboard the US. National Laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS)


In an excerpt from their official press release, Odyssey states:

The SpaceLab for iOS app will utilize the innovative features of iPhone 4, including the three-axis gyro, accelerometer, Retina display, cameras and A4 chip, for space-based research. The crew will conduct various experiments to collect data which could one day find use in practical applications, such as the recovery of navigation information for a spacecraft that might be “lost in space.

SpaceLab for iOS 

Four experiments are planned, click on the image above to read more.

As stated by Odyssey Space Research:When the experiments are completed, both iPhones will be returned to Earth. The first opportunity for return will be on a Russian Soyuz vehicle in the fall of 2011. Flight data from the experiments are expected to be collected, analyzed, and then shared via this app on the App Store.

The launch target for STS-135 (Orbiter Atlantis) is set by  July 8, 2011. 🙂

What are you waiting for! Download the application now.

Need an iPhone! It’s available in AstrOceanOmy Store.

Click here for more AstrO Application for iOS from NASA

Clear Skies

Accurate Times (AT)

By Mohammad Odeh

Accurate Times is the official program adopted by the Jordanian Ministry
of Islamic Affairs to calculate the prayer times in Jordan. The program runs
under Windows, and it is written by Mohammad Odeh, a member of the Jordanian
Astronomical Society (JAS), and the Vice-President  of Crescents’ Observation
and Mawaqeet Committee, of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS).

Accurate Times calculates the following astronomical events:-

1- Islamic prayer times (Fajer, Shuroq, Dhohur, Aser, Maghreb, and Isha).
2- Sun times (Beginning and end of twilight, sunrise, sunset, and Sun transit).
3- Moon times (Moon rise, Moon transit, and Moon set).
4- Moon phases (Geocentric or Topocentric).
5- Crescent visibility for both; new and old crescents.
6- Crescent visibility world map for both; new and old crescents.
7- Calculations for Sun and Moon ephemeris.
8- Qiblah direction (Direction to Ka’bah in Mecca).
9- Qiblah time (The time at which the Sun or Sun’s shadow is at the Qiblah direction).
10- Hejric-Gregorian conversion.
11- The prayer call (Athan) launches automatically when it is the time of the prayer.
12- A reminder is heard few minutes before the next prayer.

I’ve been using this software since years, and everyone asks me about it, so just thought to post it up here

Have Fun, extra information can be found in ICOP, JAS & under Help within the software itself

Clear Skies

Introducing The UFO Space Astro Store


Congratulations Everyone. Today I Introduce the First & New UFO Space Astronomy Store (AstroStore) .

I created this store, so I can include all the Space and Astronomy related stuff.

For Example;

  • Space & Astronomy Movies
  • Astronomy books
  • Telescopes
  • Binoculars
  • and other..Etc

This store is powered by , so all the items which you buy will be from Amazon store.

This is so great to keep all the one related stuff in one single page. This page is still Under Expansion:)

So Please If you have any ideas or what other Category I should add, please Contact me.

Please Enjoy browsing the store, and have a brilliant Day,


The AstroStore


WorldWide Telescope software

Congratulations to everyone who is interested in Astronomy software’s . The world leader in software’s; Microsoft, Introduces the new WorldWide Telescope astronomy software.


Above is the screen shot of this software. It looks amazing and brilliant. I cannot say its cons now, because its still in beta. The good thing I’ve noticed is that you can download or create your own guided towers with sound. Brilliant. Also you can connect your own robotic telescope and control it using by using this software. But first you need to download your telescope’s driver which is found in ASCOM.

I don’t really know if this software will hit Macs. But looks Microsoft are currently working on windows version only. For more info click here.

If ya need more detailed review please visit Stuart’s Astro blog.

Don’t forget to download your own software and test it for yourself 🙂

Earth Calendar


This is a great Web site, which one of my friends sent me, that allows you to find out what holidays are happening right now, today! Just click the Today button and see what holidays are celebrated on today’s date.

And as if that weren’t great enough on its own, you can even check out holidays based on date, country, religion and lunar phases with the tabs across the top of the page.

Date: This is like a search engine. You put in the year, month and date or just the month and click Show Holidays. It will then automatically find holidays for that time span.

Country:  Here you will select the year and the country before clicking Show Holidays and it will find all of that country’s holidays for that year.

Religion:  Looking for a specific holiday related to a religion? This is the section to do that in. Just choose the religion and year and click Show Holidays.

Lunar Phases: This one threw me for a loop at first, so of course, I had to check it out. It turns out this is really cool. It tells you when the full moons are for each month and when there will be eclipses. Pretty neat, huh?!

So, now you have access to the tool that will keep you on top of all the holidays from around the world! 🙂 Enjoy

Earth Calendar

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Mac OS X Leopard Astronomy Edition

So, Is Apple Mac OS X Leopard, Astronomy Edition??!

Looks so! because months ago, Apple introduced the new Leopard with leopard theme picture in it…Not a Galaxy! 

Right shows the picture of the the new OS leopard CD with leopard theme background.

But once apple came with the Leopard OS…They made it Astronomy Edition 🙂 ….They knew that some people love Astronomy…Very claver idea to attract customers  😉


The new Mac OS X Leopard comes with 300+ futures! Impressive.


and One of the coolest future is the Astronomy…Time Machine

You just click the time machine icon, inter the year you want to go to, like 2067 and then just bingo…you will be flying into back to the future 🙂

Hahaha just kidding about that. The time machine lets you restore your past deleted or lost files easily by just clicking back and front arrows. It works the same as the system restore point in windows.

 The Time Machine

Even the Leopard OS Desktop is great and has many futures including the wormhole wallpaper as you can see below.

Leopard Desktop

 This new OS from Apple is amazing…Only because its Astronomy edition. haha just kidding…

because it comes with 300+ NEW futures and its the best OS yet in the Planet Earth….who knows maybe their are some Aliens (UFO) living somewhere in the solar system with very powerful OS then the Leopard! 🙂 hahaha

Finally, If your non Mac user then get a Mac. Or if you already own a Mac, then add a new Mac to your Mac 🙂 ….you can also add Windows Vista..via boot camp if you liked to…for Windows users 🙂

                                                      More Pictures Click here       

 Click on the picture left to BUY the new Mac OS X Leopard from Apple/Amazon.


Need more information just leave your comments here and I’ll reply back to you soon.

The Company Link is:


Galaxiki, Get your own solar system

Edit stars, planets & moons

Get your own solar system

Galaxiki is a fictional online galaxy created, maintained and owned by its Community. Membership is free – sign up now to become a "Galaxician" and start editing stars, planets and moons, or get your own personal solar system. Go ahead and take the tour.


It’s cool !

  • It’s a fictional world purely imagined by its community.
  • Imagine and create the history of a planet and its life forms.
  • Membership and editing community stars is completely free.
  • Get your own personal solar system(s) for only $12.- or €10.-.

A month ago, I received an email from Jos Kirps, the Project leader of Galaxiki.

He asked me to write a few things about Galaxiki, so here it is.

Galaxiki is a great site, and its been given many positive feedback. This site has been lunched only 4 months ago..How impressive!! If you’ve got any comments or if your already a member please share your views about this site here.

If you need more detailed information everything you’ll need is probably here, including press releases:

About Galaxiki                    Press Release

Join the Galaxy Zoo

Galaxy Zoo – the project which harnesses the power of the Internet – and your brain – to classify a million galaxies.

This site is interesting, just sign up and pass the simple test and you will be contributing to scientific research. There is no any software on this world  that can scan and tell which type of the galaxy is. The only thing which can do the analyses better is the human mind.

I’m part of this, and can tell its interesting not only helping but you will also learn the types of Galaxy and how to describe them when using your own telescope.

The screen shot below shows one of the Sky objects which needs to be classified. notice its not easy for the the computer itself to classify the picture. In this case the picture below shows a Clockwise Spiral galaxy. Its simple just look, think and hit the correct button. 

You will find this site interesting in your free times

Galaxy Zoo

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