Apple iPhone 4 Goes to Space

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Product Features Description

  • iPhone 4. The fastest, highest-resolution iPhone
  • FaceTime
  • Retina Display
  • Multitasking
  • HD Video Recording and Editing
  • 5-Megapixel Camera with LED Flash
  • Astronomy Edition 🙂

Yeah! The most amazing feature in iPhone 4 is the Gyroscope built-in. Which makes the iPhone 4 Astronomy edition.

I’m including iPhone 4 as one of my AstrO Gears product. Why! Just see below… I will include more features of this gear later on.

Last year Father-Son Team lunched iPhone 4 into Space with weather balloon. They have used an insulated craft, weather balloon, iPhone 4 and a HD video camera to enter the space and film down the whole process. iPhone 4 was used to locate the location of the craft. Check out the video>>>

iPhone in Orbit


Interesting right!

The next surprise is that iPhone 4 this Month will be taken aboard the International Space Station via STS-135 to help conduct ground breaking experiments. Odyssey Space Research LLC, of Houston, TX, has developed an iOS application that will take advantage of the iPhones built-in mechanisms.

The experiments will perform onboard the US. National Laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS)


In an excerpt from their official press release, Odyssey states:

The SpaceLab for iOS app will utilize the innovative features of iPhone 4, including the three-axis gyro, accelerometer, Retina display, cameras and A4 chip, for space-based research. The crew will conduct various experiments to collect data which could one day find use in practical applications, such as the recovery of navigation information for a spacecraft that might be “lost in space.

SpaceLab for iOS 

Four experiments are planned, click on the image above to read more.

As stated by Odyssey Space Research:When the experiments are completed, both iPhones will be returned to Earth. The first opportunity for return will be on a Russian Soyuz vehicle in the fall of 2011. Flight data from the experiments are expected to be collected, analyzed, and then shared via this app on the App Store.

The launch target for STS-135 (Orbiter Atlantis) is set by  July 8, 2011. 🙂

What are you waiting for! Download the application now.

Need an iPhone! It’s available in AstrOceanOmy Store.

Click here for more AstrO Application for iOS from NASA

Clear Skies

3 responses to “Apple iPhone 4 Goes to Space

  1. Cool! BUT! lol…I have just upgraded my HTC Windows Mobile phone for a nice shiny sparkly white HTC Wildfire S…much nicer than the I-phone!! lol 😉 It has a “Google skymap” app which works like a in-phone telescope…tells you what you’re looking at…where to find what you’re not looking at but would like to be…lol…if you just knew where to look!! Kinda similar then :))))) Housten’s a little bit slow cottoning on to the wonders of the HTC that’s all!!! lol…of course there is always the little issue regarding the ridiculous amount of data these app store apps seem designed to use…but an in-phone telescopey thingy astronomy thingy that works even when the skies are usual…clear lol can;t be bad now can it?!! Maybe that i-phone app will be avail for Andorid phones too…

    • Hi Europa 🙂
      Congratulations for upgrading your mobile phone. HTC Wildfire S is a good phone, but not as faster as iphone 4 which has Apple A4 chip.
      I don’t think if HTC Wildfire S has a Gyroscope.. This sensor is very important for astronomy like applications to work perfectly and more accurately..
      In my iPhone i dont use Google skymap.. but I use other cool appliactions like Star Walk..I’ll post more about it later on.

      About the SpaceLab application, this application is designed only for iPhone conduct some tests on the iPhone functionality in Space..
      Two iPhones already sent to International Space Station STS-135.. Hope you saw that it’s the last Space Shuttle program by NASA. Have a look at my new post>>>

      Sorry, but this application wont avail to any other platform..
      I will post more information about the topic as soon as I get it..

      Happy weekend Europa 🙂

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