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Get your own solar system

Galaxiki is a fictional online galaxy created, maintained and owned by its Community. Membership is free – sign up now to become a "Galaxician" and start editing stars, planets and moons, or get your own personal solar system. Go ahead and take the tour.


It’s cool !

  • It’s a fictional world purely imagined by its community.
  • Imagine and create the history of a planet and its life forms.
  • Membership and editing community stars is completely free.
  • Get your own personal solar system(s) for only $12.- or €10.-.

A month ago, I received an email from Jos Kirps, the Project leader of Galaxiki.

He asked me to write a few things about Galaxiki, so here it is.

Galaxiki is a great site, and its been given many positive feedback. This site has been lunched only 4 months ago..How impressive!! If you’ve got any comments or if your already a member please share your views about this site here.

If you need more detailed information everything you’ll need is probably here, including press releases:

About Galaxiki                    Press Release

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