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Help NASA EDGE Celebrate 50 years of NASA!



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So next year 2008, Nasa EDGE will be covering some of the greatest achievements of the past 50 years.

I’ve just looked in Nasa EDGE’s blog and they would like to hear from us! Their question is

  • What do you think are some of the most memorable NASA achievements over the past 50 years?

you can comment about any funny stories on Nasa’s missions and projects. Nasa EDGE would like to hear comments from early Nasa’s history.

“Maybe one of your comments or stories will make a NASA EDGE show”

You can comment here but make sure you comment in NASA EDGE blog.


NASA’s 50th Anniversary Website

Some of my greatest memorable NASA achievements are:

  • the birth of (NASA)-National Aeronautics and Space Administration on October 1, 1958 🙂
  • The lunch of its first earth satellite (Explorer-I) on January 31st, 1958.
  • The successful Apollo 7 mission in October 1968.
  • The successful Apollo 8 mission, which orbited the Moon on December 24-25, 1968.
  • The successful landing of Apollo 11 mission on July 20th, 1969.
  • The successful of other crazy missions like Apollo 12,13,14,15,16,17 and all the other crazy missions.
  • The successful of building space rockets, lunching things and failing 🙂
  • Sending live animals into space with the launch of Challenger flight STS-51B on April 28, 1985 🙂
  • the successful launch of the Hubble Space Telescope astronomical observatory into orbit.
  • And at last, the successful of celebrating 50 years of NASA 🙂 haha

Thus are some of 10 achievements, please add yours so the total can be 50  😉  hahaha

I Just remember of all this, my first and last time I visited Kennedy Space Center (NASA) Florida in 2000, 7 years ago. I hope that I will visit NASA again and I hope the other next 50 years of NASA will be successful in Space age of exploration and searching for life beyond our planet earth and beyond our Galaxy-the Milky Way.

Click here to Download the NASA 50th Anniversary poster

Mac OS X Leopard Astronomy Edition

So, Is Apple Mac OS X Leopard, Astronomy Edition??!

Looks so! because months ago, Apple introduced the new Leopard with leopard theme picture in it…Not a Galaxy! 

Right shows the picture of the the new OS leopard CD with leopard theme background.

But once apple came with the Leopard OS…They made it Astronomy Edition 🙂 ….They knew that some people love Astronomy…Very claver idea to attract customers  😉


The new Mac OS X Leopard comes with 300+ futures! Impressive.


and One of the coolest future is the Astronomy…Time Machine

You just click the time machine icon, inter the year you want to go to, like 2067 and then just bingo…you will be flying into back to the future 🙂

Hahaha just kidding about that. The time machine lets you restore your past deleted or lost files easily by just clicking back and front arrows. It works the same as the system restore point in windows.

 The Time Machine

Even the Leopard OS Desktop is great and has many futures including the wormhole wallpaper as you can see below.

Leopard Desktop

 This new OS from Apple is amazing…Only because its Astronomy edition. haha just kidding…

because it comes with 300+ NEW futures and its the best OS yet in the Planet Earth….who knows maybe their are some Aliens (UFO) living somewhere in the solar system with very powerful OS then the Leopard! 🙂 hahaha

Finally, If your non Mac user then get a Mac. Or if you already own a Mac, then add a new Mac to your Mac 🙂 ….you can also add Windows Vista..via boot camp if you liked to…for Windows users 🙂

                                                      More Pictures Click here       

 Click on the picture left to BUY the new Mac OS X Leopard from Apple/Amazon.


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