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Galaxiki, Get your own solar system

Edit stars, planets & moons

Get your own solar system

Galaxiki is a fictional online galaxy created, maintained and owned by its Community. Membership is free – sign up now to become a "Galaxician" and start editing stars, planets and moons, or get your own personal solar system. Go ahead and take the tour.


It’s cool !

  • It’s a fictional world purely imagined by its community.
  • Imagine and create the history of a planet and its life forms.
  • Membership and editing community stars is completely free.
  • Get your own personal solar system(s) for only $12.- or €10.-.

A month ago, I received an email from Jos Kirps, the Project leader of Galaxiki.

He asked me to write a few things about Galaxiki, so here it is.

Galaxiki is a great site, and its been given many positive feedback. This site has been lunched only 4 months ago..How impressive!! If you’ve got any comments or if your already a member please share your views about this site here.

If you need more detailed information everything you’ll need is probably here, including press releases:

About Galaxiki                    Press Release

The Great World Wide Star Count Project

The Great World Wide Star Count Project is finished 50% now since the deadline date 15th Oct 07. For those who have participated. Just wait for the Results of the Great World Wide Star Count which will be available soon showing  thousands of observations received worldwide! LOL. Just click here if you don’t know what’s its about!

For people who have missed this event, please do not worry ;). You can still view the results once its available. Sorry I forgot to post about this earlier..

This is amazing and very interesting project which many people from different ages and places around the world have joined and worked on the project.

I just found another similar activity buts its not a project. You can go to this site and have fun.

I just cant wait for the results…hope it comes out soooon 🙂

Project from Windows To The Universe

Eid Mubarak

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