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Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2019 everyone

Live Long & Prosper 

Above picture of me standing in nowhere! 🙂 , picture taken in Iceland, December 2017.

2018 is part of history, welcome to 2019


More pictures are in my Instagram @AstrOceanOmy

Earth around the Sun

Earth around the Sun

27th Earth revolution around the Sun since I was born

I’m truly out of this world.. The reason is that I have failed & failed miserably my task and complete my mission.

Please refer to my (pervious post) to know more about the my task & mission.

All I have to say now is

Houston, We’ve Got a Problem

Hopefully I’ll be getting help from them Smile

In addition today was Hilal sighting day, and as I said the chances are too small to sight Hilal. (We could not see it)  Therefore Ramadan will be on Friday 20th July 2012 after Sunset>> (Please refer to my pervious post)

Happy Ramadan to everyone, and may Allah accept our fasting, prayers and good deeds. Ameen


Out of This World

 Out of This World

26th Earth revolution around the Sun since I was born



Enjoy the Cake 🙂 

But please don’t eat my Space Ship


The next Question is

What did I do since that day?

I want to get Married.. I think this is the next Planet that  I should go!

But first I must search for my Princess.. I searched the whole Planet Earth, but still could not find her!! Where is she?

Out of this World!!..

I’m coming to you my Dear Princess

Using my Space Ship 🙂

Today is History


25th Earth revolution around the Sun and the 1st since the previous post

Birthday Skies,


Birthday Wishes for Buzz Aldrin


Dear everyone,

I just sent a birthday greeting to Buzz Aldrin!

On January 20, 2010, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin turns 80 years old.

To honor the man who has contributed so much to space exploration and the world,

The Planetary Society will be presenting him with a giant birthday card – a card with

the good wishes of people from all over the world!

These birthday wishes will be delivered to Buzz

at a party being held in his honor on January 23, so don’t wait!

You can send Buzz Aldrin a birthday message online <<<Please click here>>>





To a wonderful man who has done great things for this wonderful world. Wishing you well on this special day! May all your successors follow in your footsteps. May God watch over you for years to come. Thank you for the great work you have done for our Planet. Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin, and have a nice day. “

Greeting from Sultanate of Oman>>>, AstrOceanOmy readers & Oman Astronomical Society.

Planet Earth Revolution around the Sun


Today our Planet Earth had rotated another full revolution around the Sun since I was born 🙂

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24th Anniversary

IYA2009 Updates

It has been awhile now for me to post things up. Had a lot of other works to do. Hope you are all on the go. More topics such as hilarious are on the way so stay tuned for the next coming updates.>>> Mundhir

Here are some of the IYA2009 milestone projects link:

100 Hours of Astronomy: 400 Years in the Making
The Galileoscope: Millions of People Looking at the Sky
Cosmic Diary: The Life of an Astronomer
Portal to the Universe: A One-stop Universe of News
She Is an Astronomer: Breaking Down Misconceptions
Dark Skies Awareness: Seeing in the Dark
Astronomy and World Heritage: Universal Treasures
Galileo Teacher Training Program: Teaching the Teachers
Universe Awareness: One Place in the Cosmos
From Earth to the Universe: The Beauty of Science
Developing Astronomy Globally: Astronomy for All

Including other element for IYA2009 like:

The World at Night

365 Days of Astronomy Podcast

Mundhir’s desktop at home

Letter to Santa


Well, just browsing thru Youtube, I’ve found this great funny video by Craig.

Anyway I wish you all a Marry Christmas and a Happy New International Year of Astronomy 2009 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me

Hello everyone ,

Well, since I was born in 19th of July 1985, our planet Earth has rotated 23 times around the Sun

Congratulations to everyone , For Celebrating the 23rd Anniversary of Earth’s Revolution around the Sun & My Birthday .

Oh yeah I remember my last year birthday…I was in UK .

Please if you would like to celebrate with me, add your comments here, or in the guestbook.

23rd Anniversary

You might also send your greetings  at my personal website guestbook.

Astronomy On This Date in History- July 19th

Have a Brilliant Day,


See you all next year


  I hope everyone has had a wonderful Xmas and will have a great New Year  🙂

I’ve got nothing important to say now, but just to say see you all next year.

uhm uhm…. let me finish to eat my cake now