Earth around the Sun

Earth around the Sun

27th Earth revolution around the Sun since I was born

I’m truly out of this world.. The reason is that I have failed & failed miserably my task and complete my mission.

Please refer to my (pervious post) to know more about the my task & mission.

All I have to say now is

Houston, We’ve Got a Problem

Hopefully I’ll be getting help from them Smile

In addition today was Hilal sighting day, and as I said the chances are too small to sight Hilal. (We could not see it)  Therefore Ramadan will be on Friday 20th July 2012 after Sunset>> (Please refer to my pervious post)

Happy Ramadan to everyone, and may Allah accept our fasting, prayers and good deeds. Ameen


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  1. OhhhhHHH! THAT mission! lol Yes…I remember that one now 🙂 Oh dear…well not to worry out-of-this-world birthday boy 😉 You have got light years ahead of you to complete this mission successfully and I’m sure Houston will be only too willing to help with your little problem!!! 😉 Are you sure you’ll have enough funding for it? … it could involve a large amount of funding to please the fulfiller of your mission 😉 And no I didn’t mean Houston!!

    Happy 27th revolution of the Earth around the Sun 🙂 and Happy Ramadan!

    “May the force be with you!” on your “mission”!! 🙂

    • Thanks Europa for the wish 🙂 yeah sure I’ve got light years ahead as it is the only method to calculate the distance in Cosmos 😉
      The true light comes only from Allah.. by having more faith..
      Sure I’ve got enough funding for it..Thanks to Allah 🙂

      The word “Houston, We’ve Got a Problem” came from Apollo 13 spaceflight.. guess you know it.. check it at >>,_We've_Got_a_Problem

      Thanks for the wishes again Europa 🙂 and see you around in orbit 😉

      Clear Skies,

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