Happy Birthday to Me

Hello everyone ,

Well, since I was born in 19th of July 1985, our planet Earth has rotated 23 times around the Sun

Congratulations to everyone , For Celebrating the 23rd Anniversary of Earth’s Revolution around the Sun & My Birthday .

Oh yeah I remember my last year birthday…I was in UK .

Please if you would like to celebrate with me, add your comments here, or in the guestbook.

23rd Anniversary

You might also send your greetings  at my personal website guestbook.

Astronomy On This Date in History- July 19th

Have a Brilliant Day,


3 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. hey! Your B-day?
    Happy Birthday to you!!
    Have a sweeet b-day;-)

  2. Hi Mundhir a late happy birthday and may the earth rotate around the Sun many more times.
    If it stops where all in trouble LOL

  3. I just keep browsing my own blog…I love you comment David thanks 🙂 Yeahh if the Earth stops rotating…We are in truoble..or maybe we should start rotating to keep life going on…LOOOL… Thanks Marina for your comment too :)Our Planet Earth rotates each day and each single second for someone special like you ALL 😉

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