IYA2009 Updates

It has been awhile now for me to post things up. Had a lot of other works to do. Hope you are all on the go. More topics such as hilarious are on the way so stay tuned for the next coming updates.>>> Mundhir

Here are some of the IYA2009 milestone projects link:

100 Hours of Astronomy: 400 Years in the Making
The Galileoscope: Millions of People Looking at the Sky
Cosmic Diary: The Life of an Astronomer
Portal to the Universe: A One-stop Universe of News
She Is an Astronomer: Breaking Down Misconceptions
Dark Skies Awareness: Seeing in the Dark
Astronomy and World Heritage: Universal Treasures
Galileo Teacher Training Program: Teaching the Teachers
Universe Awareness: One Place in the Cosmos
From Earth to the Universe: The Beauty of Science
Developing Astronomy Globally: Astronomy for All

Including other element for IYA2009 like:

The World at Night

365 Days of Astronomy Podcast

Mundhir’s desktop at home

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