Out of This World

 Out of This World

26th Earth revolution around the Sun since I was born



Enjoy the Cake 🙂 

But please don’t eat my Space Ship


The next Question is

What did I do since that day?

I want to get Married.. I think this is the next Planet that  I should go!

But first I must search for my Princess.. I searched the whole Planet Earth, but still could not find her!! Where is she?

Out of this World!!..

I’m coming to you my Dear Princess

Using my Space Ship 🙂

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  1. Ah…! So that is why you didn’t want your spaceship eaten 😉 And there was me thinking it was because you might not live and breathe past Earth’s 26th rev’ around the Sun without it…silly me!! The cake is out of this world…unfortunate for those stuck on Earth…but not for an Ice wolf on Europa!! SluuuuururrrRRRRPPPPP lol…Good luck on marriage planet…;) and even more joys to you on princess world! And have a wonderful star-fired birthday Mundhir…”Happpppyyyyyyyy Birttttttttthhhhhdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Ha….” 🙂

    • Hi Europa 🙂
      Thank you 😉 yeah the cake is out of this world…made in Mars 🙂
      Still long way to go on Marriage mission …but hopefully I’ll succeed with this mission as soon as possible 🙂 . Just some time and funds needed for this type of mission. 😉

      Thank you so much once again Europa 🙂

      Have a nice day 😉

  2. Happy belated birthday brother!
    Hope you had a wonderful time in space =P did you find any aliens around hehehehe…they’re out there you know XP
    InshAllah, Allah yin3imak bil bint i9al7a…someone who enjoys long flights hehehehehe

    • Hi my dear sister 🙂 Thanks
      yeah..aliens are everywhere..and most of them with green laser guns 🙂
      InshAllah I’ll find the Princess..who enjoys AstrOceanOmy hhehehe 🙂

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