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The world is now growing up with high technologies. Many people have got the new Slim (HD) High Definition TVs.

After we so some quality HD DVD’s and Blue-rays. Here comes more from BBC 


The BBC HD Channel

BBC always is great channel. It brings us all the world news and great shows about Space and Astronomy. As BBC HD channel is a trial service now, we would like to see great shows of astronomy in HD format. This will be so amazing 🙂 or what do you think?

I would also like BBC to show us some of its great astronomy Documentaries in HD format like the Space Episodes by Sam Neill. (previous post)

There are also many ways of getting BBC. Like the BBC iplayer, BBC on PC and BBC radio.

I would like to see in near future BBC on HD mobiles, I can see one of the greatest mobile TVs is here from Sony Ericsson.


Just imagine you carrying one of this devises and watching Astronomy programs in brilliant views. I can’t wait to get one of this 🙂



BBC Web    –    BBC HD    –   About HD   –   BBC the future

The new Moon (Hilal)


Some of my friends were asking me about Hilal (the new moon). Can it be seen tomorrow in our sky (Muscat-Oman). Well the answer is yes. I have used the Starry Night Pro to see whether it will be visible  in our sky or not before the sunset which is duo at 18:13.

 (left) is a screen shot from the Starry Night Pro software which shows the new moon Today. 11/9/07, 28/shaban/1428 (Arabic date). In the picture you can see that the moon is far below the sun, and the moon is only 0.02 days old which is hard to see even when viewed through telescope.



                     (Click on the pictures to englare)



(Right) shows Tomorrows screen shot of the moon, sun and the horizon  at 17:45. notice that the moon is clear, unless if the weather was bad.






 (left) shows a closer look of the moon at around 17:50. 12/09/07, 29/shaban/1428 (Arabic date)






Above is a screen shot of the wide horizon which shows the sun near to sunset and the moon at 17:50, 12/09/07. Notice the moon is clear even if the trees hides it. The moon can still be seen on the other side. (depending on the location). On this day the moon is below the sun, but the sun sets before the moon, so it will be clear to view the moon through astronomical devices or naked eye.

I’m so sure that all the timings and numbers are correct according to my setting numbers. For people who live in Muscat, I hope tomorrow you will be able to see the Hilal (new moon born), unless if the weather is bad for astronomy activities.

The setting numbers are according to the GPS coordinates are:-

*Latitude: 21° 0′ 0 N,

*Longitude: 57° 0′ 0 E

Other Info: (12/09/07)                        Sun                                       Moon

Rise:                                                17:50                                      6:23

Transit:                                            12:01                                      12:31

Set:                                                 18:13                                      18:38


Well This is it. This work is all about to know whether if Ramadan will be on the other day or not. I can see the software is really interesting. It gives me all the information that I want and at which place and time. I’ll write about the Starry Night Pro Software later on.

Have a nice Day


Join the Galaxy Zoo

Galaxy Zoo – the project which harnesses the power of the Internet – and your brain – to classify a million galaxies.

This site is interesting, just sign up and pass the simple test and you will be contributing to scientific research. There is no any software on this world  that can scan and tell which type of the galaxy is. The only thing which can do the analyses better is the human mind.

I’m part of this, and can tell its interesting not only helping but you will also learn the types of Galaxy and how to describe them when using your own telescope.

The screen shot below shows one of the Sky objects which needs to be classified. notice its not easy for the the computer itself to classify the picture. In this case the picture below shows a Clockwise Spiral galaxy. Its simple just look, think and hit the correct button. 

You will find this site interesting in your free times

Galaxy Zoo

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Blog List Updates


  Hi everyone, 

 there are some changes in my blog, as you can see I have deleted the websites list. and made all the links more organized into folders as you can see in the right picture. For example if you click Astronomy folder, you will see all the links which are related to Astronomy. Moreover you can use the search box above to find on what your looking for.           







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From Mundhir, after Graduation & Vacation

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well. long time I didn’t update my space coz I was and still too busy with my works. anyway I’m currently looking for a job . and yeah soon I’ll post some of my graduation pictures and vacation pictures. I’ll try all if I can. I have got now BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with good grade 🙂 . I wanted to study Masters this year, but my mum suggests me to work and gain experience first which I think is right thing to do. I might work now for 1 or 2 years then complete my studies. I might get study scholarship from the company itself who knows. anyways keep visiting ma space blog for more updates. Soon

Have a nice day 🙂