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The world is now growing up with high technologies. Many people have got the new Slim (HD) High Definition TVs.

After we so some quality HD DVD’s and Blue-rays. Here comes more from BBC 


The BBC HD Channel

BBC always is great channel. It brings us all the world news and great shows about Space and Astronomy. As BBC HD channel is a trial service now, we would like to see great shows of astronomy in HD format. This will be so amazing 🙂 or what do you think?

I would also like BBC to show us some of its great astronomy Documentaries in HD format like the Space Episodes by Sam Neill. (previous post)

There are also many ways of getting BBC. Like the BBC iplayer, BBC on PC and BBC radio.

I would like to see in near future BBC on HD mobiles, I can see one of the greatest mobile TVs is here from Sony Ericsson.


Just imagine you carrying one of this devises and watching Astronomy programs in brilliant views. I can’t wait to get one of this 🙂



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