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Harry Potter Day

Waw. Today is the Wizards Day…Harry Potter…the 7th and the final book…waited so far to get this book. anyway…as you saw the news.. Billion of people worldwide have waited for this book. here in UK London around 5000 people came wearing clothes like harry potter, hogwards school teachers, owls, death eaters…etc..looool . I just got mine today as you see the picture…聽 馃檪

My Birthday

Today is Ma birthday, guyss. went to聽bowling and played billiard with ma friends. and Just after we finished..retuning back home friends took me up…down there holding balloon =p

聽聽聽聽聽聽 Time 2 Kill聽聽聽聽聽聽

hehe above left is 2 Mohammeds guess u know them and their is me…right, he聽turned against me..but I won聽 馃檪

聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 聽

聽in front聽of 1 of the buildings at night after finishing playing billiard & bowling. They just saw the balloons and wanted to lift me up… 馃檪

Scientists find Reason for Dropped Calls

Scientists at Canada鈥檚 Queen鈥檚 University have been trying to work out why mobile calls drop for no apparent reason, and the good news is they think they鈥檝e got an answer.

The bad news is there鈥檚 not a lot you can do about it.The problem is caused by solar flares, the fiery storms on the sun鈥檚 surface that create the Northern Lights effect. Thomson and his team found that during solar flares, phones routed through cellphone towers with antennas facing the sun had higher rates of dropped calls.

The rate could be as high as nine per cent, calculated during one morning rush hour in the U.S. Midwest. This connection between the sun and dropped calls, says Thomson, explains why the number of dropped calls increase in the summer compared to winter. source:smstextnews thestar esato

This also happens in a tunnel, under bridge, elevator and subways. But the reason which happens in other places are weird like this explanation of the sun flares. If you have any other explanation please add it here 馃檪

Variable star V838 Monocerotis & Firefox

The Picture above shows the Variable star V838 Manocerotis taken by Hubble Heritage Team (left) rotated from the orignal picture below. The right picture shows the Famous Mozilla Firefox Internet browser. Waw The space has got many interesting views. from dragon to firefox I can say that firefox browser is the best and I’m using it right now typing this. It deserve to be in space shining there, but in 180”

Above is the original image of the Variable star V838 Manocerotis. It just lies near our Milky Way Galaxy. For more info click on the Picture.

And this Picture shows the prawn which also looks like the V838 and firefox as people say. mummmm I’m so hungry..Are you hungry? looool its great anyways Maybe I should open a SpaceOcean Restaurant

Global Warming news

Stop Global Warming Virtual March

Live Earth is a monumental music event that will bring together more than 2 billion people on 7/7/07 to raise awareness about global warming. Artists include Beastie Boys, John Mayer, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, The Police, and many more including Virtual March partners Bon Jovi, Damien Rice, and Taking Back Sunday.

As Al Gore notes in his July 1 New York Times op-ed, "Next Saturday, on all seven continents, the Live Earth concert will ask for the attention of humankind to begin a three-year campaign to make everyone on our planet aware of how we can solve the climate crisis in time to avoid catastrophe. Individuals must be a part of the solution" (Click here to read Gore’s NYT essay "Moving Beyond Kyoto").

Live Earth will ask everyone who attends or listens to the concerts to sign a personal pledge to take specific steps to combat climate change. Click here to sign the pledge now.

And in other music news…

The Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee on June 14-17 was a great success. Thanks to our friends at Superfly and NRDC, we were able to interview many of the top artists performing to gather their thoughts on this urgent issue.

Please visit our sister site at to see our interviews with Ben Harper, New York antifolk songwriter Regina Spektor, singer-songwriters and Virtual Marchers Damien Rice and Ben Jelen, STS9, EL-P, Questlove from The Roots, John Bell from Widespread Panic, Michael Franti, lead singer Chris Collingwood of Fountains of Wayne and Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother. And watch our pieces on the innovative behind-the-scenes greening that takes place at Bonnaroo.

Click Here to watch the video clips at MSN.

Most consumer packaging is not only a huge waste of resources, but also harmful to our environment. But there are encouraging signs that businesses are becoming greener as they realize profits and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive. As consumers, we have a powerful voice to question packaging choices and demand change.

Our partner NRDC has been working diligently to put an end to the petrol-based CD jewel case. After three years of discussions, Warner Music Group, and its CD and DVD manufacturer Cinram, the largest CD maker in the world, and its printer Ivy Hill, agreed to a replacement of the petroleum-based CD and DVD jewel case. The replacement of this polluting product will be a mini-album sleeve , made of 100% post-consumer paper and wrapped in an ag-waste plastic wrapper, or, if available, an ag-waste based plastic jewel case. Getting rid of the petroleum-based CD jewel case is a great green step forward, as more than a billion of them are manufactured each year.

In another development, Virtual Marcher and environmentalist Bill McKibben has been guiding the United States Postal Service to eliminate toxins in its packaging and inks. To learn more about this, watch the "Paper or Plastic" episode of the Sundance Channel’s series Big Ideas for a Small Planet, available via iTunes.

With the Fourth of July holiday this week, it’s a great time to remind U.S. leaders about the need for real solutions to global warming. We encourage you to support the efforts of Virtual March partner and sign their "Declaration of New Patriotism" that thousands of online supporters helped draft. They are hoping to collect at least 75,000 signatures to deliver to Congress by July 4th. The Declaration begins:

"Global warming is the crisis of our time. As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday, we renew our commitment to the qualities and values that have guided our nation for more than 200 years. Today, we recognize that patriotism is not only about love of country. It is also about a shared commitment to the welfare of our planet.

Click Here to sign the Declaration of New Patriotism

This week the Virtual March grew to over 832,000 marchers! Recent partners include, the new green health community, and P.S. 8 3rd Grade Earth Protectors, from Brooklyn, NY

Keep Marching!
Laurie David

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Tomb Raider

Waw. Tomb Raider always comes up with great adventure levels game. Its my first and best adventure game I played since I got my first PC in 1995. Great, now I’ll be waiting for Tomb Raider 8. hope it comes out soon. If you have played this game, please post your comments and聽thoughts聽 about this great game.

For more Tomb Raider Pictures click here.

Tomb Raider official website,聽 EIDOS

Plus go to and for more games secrets, tips etc.

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