Variable star V838 Monocerotis & Firefox

The Picture above shows the Variable star V838 Manocerotis taken by Hubble Heritage Team (left) rotated from the orignal picture below. The right picture shows the Famous Mozilla Firefox Internet browser. Waw The space has got many interesting views. from dragon to firefox I can say that firefox browser is the best and I’m using it right now typing this. It deserve to be in space shining there, but in 180”

Above is the original image of the Variable star V838 Manocerotis. It just lies near our Milky Way Galaxy. For more info click on the Picture.

And this Picture shows the prawn which also looks like the V838 and firefox as people say. mummmm I’m so hungry..Are you hungry? looool its great anyways Maybe I should open a SpaceOcean Restaurant

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  1. Hiits sooo Amazing to know this its very cooool brother i liked actually i loved it keep it up nice getting this informations i don\’t know from where do u get them but they are Amazing lol Thanks Regards..TQ

  2. thnx tariq 🙂

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  4. Where do you find these things??!! I never know what I’m going to find next in the wild world of AstrOceanOmy world 😉 I’ve never used Firefox…I was under the impression it wasn’t as secure as some…but only what I heard 🙂 Now I find it also bears a vague resemblence to a PRAWN???!!! Hmm!!! AND a variable star! Yes…well…lol…must have something going for it on that basis alone!
    Variable prawny skies full of firefoxes!! 🙂

  5. 🙂 😉 Wishing you a wonderful and happy starry skyed 2012 Mundhir as you sail the cosmic seas of AstOceanOmy! 🙂
    And may Alllah fill your New Year 2012 with many bessings, great joy and a deep peace of heart…
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!

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