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Hey everyone, I have just submitted my final project draft report yesterday….lol..last weekend i have been sitting in my computer just typing the project.
the good thing is I was able to finish many things…..just waiting for the feedback…and in april I will continue to work out on the missing parts…before the deadline which is on the 30 of April this year la…..And now I have to work on my other Assignments…I have only 9 days left to finish dem all.
About the site updates, sorry i have been so busy, and I’m still…but hope so soon, I will post many things…

And yes, The new website is now full functional .
and I have also created a new blog which is about my Thrust Washer project …
plus many other changes to come …. well thanx again and happy surfing.


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2 responses to “From Mundhir

  1. Hi!! :O)
    Thanks for the friend invite! I like your space too..LOTS of cool pictures!! ;O)
    I\’ll be back myself..promise!  ;O)   LOL..there\’s lots of drama happening @ mine right now…lmao..( Space wars and dumb ass sh*ts like that)  Anyway, thanks again for dropping by! :O)
    C\’ya soon

  2. hi mundhir an thanks for popping into my space alayw nice to get a visit your space is always amazing lots to read take care joannie x

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