Daily Archives: July 4, 2007

Variable star V838 Monocerotis & Firefox

The Picture above shows the Variable star V838 Manocerotis taken by Hubble Heritage Team (left) rotated from the orignal picture below. The right picture shows the Famous Mozilla Firefox Internet browser. Waw The space has got many interesting views. from dragon to firefox I can say that firefox browser is the best and I’m using it right now typing this. It deserve to be in space shining there, but in 180”

Above is the original image of the Variable star V838 Manocerotis. It just lies near our Milky Way Galaxy. For more info click on the Picture.

And this Picture shows the prawn which also looks like the V838 and firefox as people say. mummmm I’m so hungry..Are you hungry? looool its great anyways Maybe I should open a SpaceOcean Restaurant