Tomb Raider


Waw. Tomb Raider always comes up with great adventure levels game. Its my first and best adventure game I played since I got my first PC in 1995. Great, now I’ll be waiting for Tomb Raider 8. hope it comes out soon. If you have played this game, please post your comments and thoughts  about this great game.

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3 responses to “Tomb Raider

  1. This Game Is Fantastic I remember when i was Small u used to play it and it was one of the First games we had when we got ps1 i was small then cant remember much but i love this game it has great memories  And its Fantastic And Adventures  I Recommend it to every one i cant wait for the new one to come Thanks !Regards …Your Lil Brother Tariq  

  2. yes, but i played this game, even before we got our ps1….we first played this game in computer…windows 95 remember

  3. Abdullah Salim

    Hey, this game is just wonderfull, like alice in wonder land!! I can\’t forget the great old memories and times that I spent with my friends and family playing this, it is just so good that you won\’t say no for any release of it!! there are many sequels that have been out there and I can\’t remember which one is the best but for sure i would go for Legend, it has great special effects like Lara still gets wet when she gets out of the water and you can notice the little drops of water falling down!!!

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