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Galaxy Zoo – the project which harnesses the power of the Internet – and your brain – to classify a million galaxies.

This site is interesting, just sign up and pass the simple test and you will be contributing to scientific research. There is no any software on this world  that can scan and tell which type of the galaxy is. The only thing which can do the analyses better is the human mind.

I’m part of this, and can tell its interesting not only helping but you will also learn the types of Galaxy and how to describe them when using your own telescope.

The screen shot below shows one of the Sky objects which needs to be classified. notice its not easy for the the computer itself to classify the picture. In this case the picture below shows a Clockwise Spiral galaxy. Its simple just look, think and hit the correct button. 

You will find this site interesting in your free times

Galaxy Zoo

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2 responses to “Join the Galaxy Zoo

  1. Oh god that\’s fab! I\’ve been looking for a new project ever since I left BOINC. Have you tried Stardust..?

  2. Hi Fluffy,Hope you liked the Galaxy Zoo. Nop I didn\’t try yet Stardust.I just know that there is Stardust movie …and want to see it :)Thnx 4 yer comments,Take care and have a nice day  :)Mundhir

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