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How tiny are we!

Previously I posted >>> VY Canis Majoris

Here’s another video which demonstrates the size of our Solar System Planets, Sun & other Stars.


VY Canis Majoris remains the BIGGEST Star known up to date.

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Bringing Back memories to live>>

VY Canis Majoris


VY Canis Majoris, the biggest star known to date. Here are videos demonstrating VY Canis Majoris versus our solar system and other known biggest stars.

Our Solar System – Size Of Planets and Stars to Scale


أكبر نجم في مجرتنا VY Canis Majoris

For more information about VY Canis Majoris please click here.

List of largest known stars

The File below is another demonstration with gif animated image with sound inbuilt power point.

Order of appearance in the PowerPoint presentation.  Planets (Blue) Stars (Yellow)
Earth, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptun, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun/Sol, Sirius, Pollux, Arcturus, Rigel, Aldebaran, Eta Carinae Nebula, Betelgeuze, Antares, V382 Carinae, V838 Monoceretis, V509 Cassiopeiae, Mu Cephei, KY Cygni, V354 Cephei, Binary Star VV Cephei, VY Canis Majoris – largest known star.

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The Cosmic Diary


Meet the astronomers. See where they work. Know what they know.

  • About the Cosmic Diary Project:

"The Cosmic Diary is not just about astronomy. It’s more about what it is like to be an astronomer.

The Cosmic Dairy aims to put a human face on astronomy: professional scientists will blog in text and images about their lives, families, friends, hobbies and interests, as well as their work, their latest research findings and the challenges that face them. The bloggers represent a vibrant cross-section of female and male working astronomers from around the world, coming from five different continents. Outside the observatories, labs and offices they are musicians, mothers, photographers, athletes, amateur astronomers. At work, they are managers, observers, graduate students, grant proposers, instrument builders and data analysts.

Throughout this project, all the bloggers will be asked to explain one particular aspect of their work to the public. In a true exercise of science communication, these scientists will use easy-to-understand language to translate the nuts and bolts of their scientific research into a popular science article. This will be their challenge." 4 More please visit:

Fantastic Trip To the Universe

Hello Everyone 🙂

Previously I added the video There We Are!! In Space!

And here is another Great Trip but in PowerPoint. One of my Friends sent it to me. Its shows you How Big and How Small we are!   FROM MICRO TO MACROCOSMOS

Please download the file below, I’ll leave you now… Have a great journey 🙂

————New Updates 10/10/2008 ————-

Now Arabic version included 🙂

& a short Video  


Enjoy 🙂

Earth’s Final Sunset Predicted

" "Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice," wrote the poet Robert Frost. Astronomers, it turns out, are in the former camp.

A new calculation predicts that Earth will be swallowed up by the sun in 7.6 billion years, capping off a longstanding debate over whether the sun’s gravitational pull will have weakened enough for Earth to escape final destruction or not.

Other theorists have predicted that our planet will fry as the sun expands in its old age. But the time estimates have varied by a couple billion years. " Click here to read more

Fry….haha I think its frying now… Global Warming. Earth, our only home, could end by us…Wars..

Really interesting topic about how the world is going to end!  Earth been Swallowed by Our Sun…eehh.  Or even more worse, Our entire Solar System been swallowed (no direction) by a Black Hole!! This also could happen….at any time. Leave the other possibilities like Earth been hit down by known/unknown object/s…or a UFO (Aliens)…whatever!!!

There are also other possibilities that earth could even be swallowed up or down 🙂 by other stars…who knows. Astronomers today say that Andromeda Galaxy (Messier M31 / NGC 224) will collide (merge) with our galaxy (The Milky Way) approximately after three billion years from now. And after merging it will be named as Binominis Galaxy. If we (the human race) were still Alive 🙂 hahahaha   Click here to read more

Earth’s Final Sunrise Predicted, Earth’s Final Spin Predicted or Earth’s Final breath Predicted

This will be the other new Topic name in the future. Just guessing!! Maybe why not. Scientists may discover other things…(life science secrets) …for now we know anything might happen to end and kill Earth forever.

At the end, not to forget, about the Big Crunch, the Ultimate fate of the Universe. That might happen at any moment to end the end. The opposite of the Big Bang theory.

This is up to now…there are lots of things which we don’t know yet. I’ll leave this topic to later time, if you’ve got any information please include it here… I would like to hear from you.  🙂

There We Are!! In Space!



In Space! We Are There!

Look how small we are!…from outer space beyond our milky way galaxy….zooming into earth. I’ve created this video using Starry Night Pro Plus software. The same Software which I have used in my previous post, ( The New Moon [Hilal] )


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Help NASA EDGE Celebrate 50 years of NASA!



1957 2007

So next year 2008, Nasa EDGE will be covering some of the greatest achievements of the past 50 years.

I’ve just looked in Nasa EDGE’s blog and they would like to hear from us! Their question is

  • What do you think are some of the most memorable NASA achievements over the past 50 years?

you can comment about any funny stories on Nasa’s missions and projects. Nasa EDGE would like to hear comments from early Nasa’s history.

“Maybe one of your comments or stories will make a NASA EDGE show”

You can comment here but make sure you comment in NASA EDGE blog.


NASA’s 50th Anniversary Website

Some of my greatest memorable NASA achievements are:

  • the birth of (NASA)-National Aeronautics and Space Administration on October 1, 1958 🙂
  • The lunch of its first earth satellite (Explorer-I) on January 31st, 1958.
  • The successful Apollo 7 mission in October 1968.
  • The successful Apollo 8 mission, which orbited the Moon on December 24-25, 1968.
  • The successful landing of Apollo 11 mission on July 20th, 1969.
  • The successful of other crazy missions like Apollo 12,13,14,15,16,17 and all the other crazy missions.
  • The successful of building space rockets, lunching things and failing 🙂
  • Sending live animals into space with the launch of Challenger flight STS-51B on April 28, 1985 🙂
  • the successful launch of the Hubble Space Telescope astronomical observatory into orbit.
  • And at last, the successful of celebrating 50 years of NASA 🙂 haha

Thus are some of 10 achievements, please add yours so the total can be 50  😉  hahaha

I Just remember of all this, my first and last time I visited Kennedy Space Center (NASA) Florida in 2000, 7 years ago. I hope that I will visit NASA again and I hope the other next 50 years of NASA will be successful in Space age of exploration and searching for life beyond our planet earth and beyond our Galaxy-the Milky Way.

Click here to Download the NASA 50th Anniversary poster

Messages From Earth

Messages From Earth

Phoenix DVD Project Update

Read the last Topic: Fly Your Name to MARS

Dear All,

Thank you for participating in The Planetary Society’s Messages from Earth project!

Your name is now one step closer to Mars. The silica glass mini-DVD with a quarter million names on it — including yours — has been installed on the Phoenix spacecraft, and is ready to go to Mars!

The spacecraft has just successfully been flown to Cape Canaveral, and now will begin final testing and preparation for launch. Phoenix will arrive and land in the northern near-polar regions in late May or early June 2008 (exact date dependent upon launch date). We’ll keep youupdated on the mission as it progresses towards launch, and of course, update you on its launch and landing.


Bruce Betts
Director of Project

The Planetary SocietyForwarded from my email

The Phoenix DVD is now mounted on the spacecraft with YOUR name!

See more pictures of the disc on the spacecraft, find out what’s included on Visions of Mars, read a special essay from the disc by Phoenix Principal Investigator Peter Smith, andfind out the latest on the Phoenix mission and the DVD project.


Planetary Society members do more than just witness advances in planetary explorationand discovery … they actually play a role in making them happen.Find out more »

3D Photos of the Sun to be released on April 23rd


"3D SUNOn Monday, April 23rd, NASA will release for the first time 3-dimensional photos of the sun taken by a pair of spacecraft named STEREO. Magnetic loops, prominences and plumes will practically leap out of your computer screen.  These images will be displayed on big screens at many museums and science centers around the USA and posted on the internet. You can get ready this weekend by buying or building some 3D glasses.  Visit for instructions–and stay tuned for Monday!

WEEKEND METEORS:  Earth is entering the dusty tail of Comet Thatcher, and this will cause a mild meteor shower this weekend.  It’s called the Lyrid meteor shower because the bits of incandescent comet dust appear to come from the constellation Lyra. The best time to look is during the dark hours before dawn on Sunday, April 22nd, and Monday, April 23rd, when you can expect to see a shooting star overhead every 5 minutes or so."

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