Messages From Earth

Messages From Earth

Phoenix DVD Project Update

Read the last Topic: Fly Your Name to MARS

Dear All,

Thank you for participating in The Planetary Society’s Messages from Earth project!

Your name is now one step closer to Mars. The silica glass mini-DVD with a quarter million names on it — including yours — has been installed on the Phoenix spacecraft, and is ready to go to Mars!

The spacecraft has just successfully been flown to Cape Canaveral, and now will begin final testing and preparation for launch. Phoenix will arrive and land in the northern near-polar regions in late May or early June 2008 (exact date dependent upon launch date). We’ll keep youupdated on the mission as it progresses towards launch, and of course, update you on its launch and landing.


Bruce Betts
Director of Project

The Planetary SocietyForwarded from my email

The Phoenix DVD is now mounted on the spacecraft with YOUR name!

See more pictures of the disc on the spacecraft, find out what’s included on Visions of Mars, read a special essay from the disc by Phoenix Principal Investigator Peter Smith, andfind out the latest on the Phoenix mission and the DVD project.


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  1. Here is my Certificate Name which has been installed on the Phoenix spacecraft. If you didn\’t have the chance to include your name in the Phoenix Spacecraft project but want to have a Certificate you can download it here and type your name :)For those who had a chance to join this project  P.S. Don\’t forget to get your Official Participation Certificate — you can
    still download yours at The Planetary Society\’s website. Hope you like it.

  2. Ok…now I am really jealous!! Re your other post on this subject…I definately wasn’t in blogging world then and it was 6yrs ago now 4…silly wolf 😉 I want my name to go to Mars!!! It’s not fair Mundhir!!! lol Do you think I can still get my Official Participation Certificate? Somehow I doubt it! But I might just give it a try…6 years too late lol 😉

    • Your name will go to Mars Europa one future projects… and most probably even further…to Jupiter’s moon..”Europa” 🙂

      You can still get the Participation Certificate..but it won’t be Official 🙂

      Clear Skies

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