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Miracle of Kaaba‏

Experience the Planets


Experience the Planets

Our solar system through the eyes of artists


Sunlight shining through the rings of Saturn. Planet-wide dust storms cloaking Mars in pale obscurity. Images such as these only emphasize nature’s ability to amaze and inspire. But what haven’t we seen in our own solar neighborhood? What fantastic vistas has science predicted but so far been unable to capture? Credit: IYA2009

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Years ago I found this website, but forgot to mention it here in the blog. I’m one of the first MarsDrive members, but not that active 🙂 . Its a great dream project…to make our dreams come true. Well, MarsDrive is an international organization dedicated to the exploration and settlement of space and private Mars initiatives. Marsdrive is incorporated in the US and has Registered 501 c 3 status (non profit organization) with a world-wide membership and branches across North America, Europe and Australasia. Please check MarsDrive for more information. The attached file bottom contains useful information about Mars Drive.

Anyone Interested in Mars Projects Please check this one 🙂


Wake Up Project

The Wake Up Project (W.U.P.) is a non-profit internet forum and social network service. Its focus is created to give everyone the opportunity to make their voice heard globally and promote positivity and uniting change. Wake Up Project was founded in 2009 by Noreaga with the help of co-creators Achernahr, Freedomtou and Abdullah Hashem. The website is made up of a team of directors, media developers, animators, composers, internet moderators, network and community leaders, who control, contribute, and edit the website. >>> More &

The Truth of the World that we live in, from beginning of civilization, past, present & future.



Wake UP People


Up to date, 3 series are there, two are done and one on the go.

The Divine Book is the first series and consists of 7 episodes. Whereas the Arrivals is the second series and consists 51 episodes. Phase 3 is the latest series up to date.

This series are Must watch, please have a look at

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Achernahr’s youtube page

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More to come and ALL are about Truth In-sha-Allah

Any comments add it here 🙂 lets wake up the world