Ocean glows in the dark

Image Source: Safety4sea.com

Picture above taken from San Diego costal area, California. This image was shown in CNN news.

Well, the oceans surrounding around the world is amazing and still holds lots of mysterious secrets.. I remember long time back I was in the Ocean at night near my home place.(Oman/Muscat), I used to see stuff like this..but the color was more greenery blue..Even when I dig the sands..it glows WAW  🙂

Anyway, the blue electrifying streak that lights up the oceans at night, is not a sign of aliens have landed, but a phenomenon called Red Tides..

red tide

On September 28th, 2011, the "Red Tide" hit San Diego shores. The neon-blue waves are not digitally created or altered from their original form.


Amazing right! Well here are other cool pictures taken from Australia summer in 2008/2009 >>Click here for info

Amazing Bioluminescent Lake in Australia (1) Amazing_Bioluminescent_Lake_in_Australia_25283_2529 

Bioluminescent Lake


I’m pretty sure that Aliens did not land on our Planet Earth!

Well, what have caused that…It’s all explained at

 Discovery blog

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  1. Fascinating and awesome! Great photos and I lovvvvvve that electric blue!! Amazing that plankton etc can cause this effect it is very beautiful and alien-looking and must be awesome to see 🙂

  2. Sure Europa 🙂 It is very awesome to see
    The only question is when will I see it again..as it doesn’t happen always
    this phenomenon is very rare

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