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Who ate the third loaf of bread!?

Who ate the third loaf of bread? | Story about Issa (Jesus) PBOH and this world .

It is up to the individual to believe in a story
But believe me
It lays a great moral beneath it

>> By Shikh Yusuf Estes

This is the story now of

Some of you perhaps have heard this
OUR PROPHET (Pease Be Upon Him) Taught us that Once upon a time that JESUS (Pease Be Upon Him) Gave some money to one of his companions and he told him to go to town to get some food for everybody. The man took the money and went into a town close by and bought the food. There wasn’t very much money and all he was able to buy was three loaves of bread. And he was very (very) hungry and realised there were just these three loaves of bread. So he decided to eat one loaf of bread himself and then when he got back
he just handed over the bread to Jesus who asked him “who ate the third loaf of bread?” and immediately the man said “there are only 2 loaves of bread.” Jesus didn’t say anything else and they continued on the journey with their companions.

Later on the companions succeeded in hunting a deer. They killed the deer, they were cooking it and eating from the deer. Then Jesus stood up and he asked Allah to bring this deer back to life. And then, in less than a second the deer jumped back up and ran away. The people were amazed that how did this deer that we just killed and we cooked him, and we were eating him and suddenly he just jumps up and runs away? So then Jesus looked at the man who had gone after the bread and said “I’m asking you by the one who brought this deer back to life, who ate the third loaf of bread?” And then immediately the man said “they were only 2 loaves of bread.” Again Jesus (peace be upon him) didn’t say anything and continued on their journey.

Now while they were walking they came across a river that had been flooded up. Jesus (peace be upon him) asked them to hold his hand. So everybody joined hand with him and they were able to walk across the top of the river and walk all the way to the other side. When they got to the other side, the people were amazed, you know, how could this be? He said to the same man again, he said, “I’m asking you by the one, in other words by the one who made it for us to be able to cross this river by walking on top of it, who ate the third loaf of bread?” and immediately he said, “they were only two loaves of bread.” So Jesus didn’t say anything again and went on.

Then they came to a desert and that’s when Jesus took 3 big piles of sand and then he asked Allah, “turn this to gold.” And this man was watching this and suddenly the piles of sand became piles of gold. Then he(Jesus) said “1 pile is for me” and he looked to the man and said “1 pile is for you and the third pile is for the one who ate the third loaf of bread.” The man quickly said “I’m the one who ate the third loaf of bread.” And Jesus told him “then all three piles of gold are for you but do not accompany us anymore.” But the man didn’t care he was so happy he sat down in front of his new fortune.

He started dreaming of what he was going to do with it. He was smiling all alone looking at his wealth. Suddenly three thieves came upon him and they saw here is a man sitting alone with this huge treasure of gold. First thing they did, they killed him. Then they divided the gold each one of them took one of the big piles of gold. And then they sent one of them to go in and get some food so they could eat and then plan up their future.

So one of the thieves, he went into town to buy food. Now he didn’t take one of the loaves of bread like the other guy. Instead he decided to poison the food so when he goes back the people will eat the poison, they will die and he will get all three shares of gold for himself. And this is what he did. But his friends who he had left behind were also plotting against him and they decided when this man comes back, will jump him from two sides, kill him and then will divide up his share of the gold amongst ourselves. So they killed him when he came back and then they sat down to enjoy their meal and they ate the poison food. A few minutes later they both died and they were all laying there.

When Jesus (peace be upon him) came back with his companions, they passed by the very same spot and there they saw their former companion laying on the ground and the other three thieves laying there too. All were dead. And all three piles of gold laying there too. And he pointed to this and said “this is the life of this world”.

In Arabic called “this is the life of Hayatu AlDunya” This is the life of this world. and this is what would do for those who seek after it.

GAM Ends

Hope Everyone had a Happy Global Astronomy Month (GAM)


Unfortunately Been so busy with my work. Therefore I couldn’t post any planed articles during that golden month of Astronomy.. However I had a great time during GAM with the people around me..Family, Friends and Amateur Astronomers of course..

During (GAM) and even in previous years, I had a hard conversation with some of the people including from family members and some friends..

Some of there questions where like:

What is the use of Astronomy?

Why waste my time in this Hobby?

Can you predict the future?!.. Well I’m not an Astrologist Smile

Well, I answered them..but some of them are having a dry mind Smile . Sorry if you were one of them and reading this.. Winking smile

In this blog of AstrOceanOmy, I will answer your questions in professional way.. Feel free to surf the blog and visit again for new posts.

Well before that..lets have some fun in the following videos ;

(Just for Fun:  Please Note that I am Amateur Astronomer & Mechanical Engineer ) I’m open minded for those people who hate Astronomy)

Sleep-deprived amateur astronomer explains his new hobby to a co-worker.

New Hobby: Amateur Astronomy


Anyone that has taken up this hobby will find humor in this 2nd video! In fact, they and their significant other and close family members will enjoy this but unfortunately no one else will so enjoy!!!!

My Hobby is Astrophotography

Click here to know more about Astrophotography! I also suggest to check the comments made by others for the above video in Youtube.. Smile

In addition.. some more videos on Amateur Astronomers


Just one more thing

Astronomy is a natural science and is one of the oldest sciences..(Click here to read more)

If you still dislike Astronomy..then you dislike the nature and modern science as well. All of the technologies which you see and use today are developed because of Astronomy.. For the rest all I’ll say

Clear Skies Smile

The AstroLabe

We are living in a modern age, satellites positioning systems have automated navigation of the seas, skies and continents. Time is measured precisely by using atomic clocks. Modern telescopes are controlled and targeted using modern automated computer drive systems. All these modern technologies today have far outpace the time keeping and the basic navigational of  the past scientific instruments.  Well, lets go back to the past and have a look at;

The  Astrolabe – By Bruce Levell


“For about 500 years the astrolabe was probably the most sophisticated scientific instrument in the world. True to its etymology (from the Greek word for “star finder” or “star taker”), the astrolabe is a model of the sky, showing the positions of the Sun and main stars at any time of the day or night throughout the year. It can be used to:

  • Navigate, since the positions of the stars at a known time reveal the observer’s location on the globe and the direction in which to travel;
  • Calculate setting and rising times for the Sun, and hence prayer times or the length of the day, for and day of the year;
  • Determine the likelihood of a new Moon being sighted on any particular day;
  • Tell the time from the observed positions of the Sun or stars.

In addition, astrolabes were frequently used to cast horoscopes.

A planispheric astrolabe is based on a two dimensional map of the sky, rendered in most cases by stereographic projection. Such a projection can be imagined as the view of the sky that would be seen by an observer standing on the south pole and looking straight “down”, through the solid earth, at the northern sky. The observer would thus see a circular sky, centered on the north celestial pole.

Normally, astrolabes take the projection of the Tropic of Capricorn (the line of latitudes at 23.5 degrees south) as the edge of the circular map. Other key latitudes – the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer – would project onto this view as smaller concentric circles.

A real observer, of course, has no x-ray vision and only sees part of the sky at any one time – and part that he does see varies with his latitude and the time of the day. The markers of the astrolabe solved this problem by fitting each astrolabe with a series of removable plates (Arabic: safiha), each showing a polar grid and horizon for a small range of latitudes. By rotating the star map above these plates, one can simulate the rising and setting of stars against the fixed horizon and thus the sky view at a particular latitude. This “rete” (Arabic: ankubat) was typically fashioned as a beautiful frame that carried star names without obscuring the underlying grid lines.

The astrolabe was not primarily an observational instrument, although on its reverse side it was equipped with an alidade, or sighting rule (Arabic: alidada), along which a star’s altitude or bearing could be determined. Some astrolabes were modified for use at sea; they were made heavier or peMariners Astrolaberforated so as to reduce the chance that instrument would be blown by strong winds on the deck of a ship.

The astrolabe was probably perfected by Arab astronomers, such as Muhammed Musa al Khwarizmi in the early 9th century, building on Greek understanding. The earliest surviving examples, however, date from the late 10th century. The astrolabe fell out of use in the 17th century in the West and somewhat later in the East, succumbing to more accurate observational tools and printed astronomical almanacs.

Astrolabes are still made today in Afghanistan and India for tourist market; they can even be found in Oman in Muttrah souq. But these are often crude imitations of the real thing, which was not simply an accurate scientific instrument but an object of great beauty. Perhaps the most beautiful surviving astrolabe is the spherical one signed “work of Musa year 885” (i.e. 1480-1 CE) pictured above.

They are different types of astrolabes. The spherical astrolabe (top) is generally acknowledged as the most beautiful of its kind. It dates back to 1480 CE. Conventional astrolabes (bottom left and right on above picture) were flat and consists of rotatable frames and removable, engraved plates.

Disassembled 18th century astrolabe

Some pictures of Astrolabes: (click to view in full size)

museum of Islamic science and technology   museum of Islamic science and technology   museum of Islamic science and technology

More about Astrolabe:

To Be Continued later  🙂

Ocean glows in the dark

Image Source:

Picture above taken from San Diego costal area, California. This image was shown in CNN news.

Well, the oceans surrounding around the world is amazing and still holds lots of mysterious secrets.. I remember long time back I was in the Ocean at night near my home place.(Oman/Muscat), I used to see stuff like this..but the color was more greenery blue..Even when I dig the glows WAW  🙂

Anyway, the blue electrifying streak that lights up the oceans at night, is not a sign of aliens have landed, but a phenomenon called Red Tides..

red tide

On September 28th, 2011, the "Red Tide" hit San Diego shores. The neon-blue waves are not digitally created or altered from their original form.


Amazing right! Well here are other cool pictures taken from Australia summer in 2008/2009 >>Click here for info

Amazing Bioluminescent Lake in Australia (1) Amazing_Bioluminescent_Lake_in_Australia_25283_2529 

Bioluminescent Lake


I’m pretty sure that Aliens did not land on our Planet Earth!

Well, what have caused that…It’s all explained at

 Discovery blog

Eid Mubarak

Today is the last day of Ramadhan the holy month. And after the Sunset Eid starts. People starts celebrating by early tomorrow morning after the Eid Prayer.


Just as festivity becomes the atmosphere when the fast is broken each day at sunset, happiness becomes doublefold when the month of fasting is finally completed and the Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated.

The most elaborate dishes are served at large banquets to which relatives and friends are invited. These  colorful celebrations are the climax of the sense of fulfillment characterizing,a month of fasting and hardships, increasing the bonds of connectedness among humankind and between humankind and God.

Yesterday we could not sight the new Moon Crescent because it was impossible. As you see in the picture below, the Sun and Moon almost sets at the same time and the elevation is only 5 degrees.


May Allah accepts our fasting, prayers and bless us all. Ameen.

Eid Mubarak

50 Amazing and strange Astronomy facts

What do you think?

1-Saturn would float if you would put it in water.
2-If you would place a pinhead sized piece of the Sun on the Earth you would die from standing within 145 km (90 miles) from it.
3-Space is not a complete vacuum, there are about 3 atoms per cubic meter of space.
4-Only 5% of the universe is made up of normal matter, 25% is dark matter and 70% is dark energy.
5-Neutron stars are so dense that a teaspoon of them would be equal to the weight of the entire Earth’s population.
6-The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon but is 400 times further away from Earth making them appear the same size.
7-The star Lucy in the constellation Centaurus is a huge cosmic diamond of 10 billion trillion trillion carats.
8-Seasons last 21 years on Uranus while each pole has 42 years of sunlight followed by 42 years of darkness.
9-Venus,on the other hand, does not have any seasons at all.
10-1 year on Mercury consists of less than 2 days on Mercury.
11-There are as many oxygen atoms in a breath as breaths of air in the atmosphere.
12-Helium is the only substance in the universe that cannot be in solid form.It can’t be cold enough.
13-The coldest place in the universe is on Earth. In Wolfgang Ketterles lab in Massachusetts. 0.000000000001 degrees Kelvin.
14-The pistol star is the most luminous star known 10 million times the brightness of the Sun.
15-Saturn’s moon Titan has liquid oceans of natural gas.
16-All the planets are the same age: 4.544 billion years.
17-Earths moon was most likely formed after an early planet named Theia crashed into Earth.
18-8000 stars are visible with naked eye from Earth. 4000 in each hemisphere, 2000 at daylight and 2000 at night.
19-90-99% of all normal matter in the universe is hydrogen.
20-Only 55% of all Americans knows that the Sun is a star.
21-Because of the speed the Sun moves at, solar eclipses can last at most 7 minutes and 58 seconds.
22-Lunar eclipses, however, can last 1 hour and 40 minutes.
23-All the coal, oil, gas, wood and fuel on Earth would only keep the Sun burning for few days.
24-A full moon is nine times brighter than a half moon.
25-When the Moon is directly above your head or if you stand at the equator, you weight slightly less.
26-A single Quasar produce the same amount of energy as 1 trillion suns.
27-Just after the Big Bang, everything in the universe was in liquid form.
28-A planet nicknamed “The Genesis Planet” has been found to be 12.7 billion years old making it the oldest planet found.
29-The shape of the universe looks a lot like a brain cell.
30-Every year, the Moon is moving away from Earth by 3.8 centimeters.
31-The Moon spins around its axis in the same time it goes one lap around the Earth which makes us always see the same side of it.
32-Upsilon Andromeda B also only face one side to its star. One side is hot as lava while the other one is cold below freezing.
33-The average galaxy contains “only” 40 billion stars.
34-While in space astronomers can get taller, but at the same time their hearts can get smaller.
35-Mars surface is cowered with iron oxide (rust).
36-Only half a billionth of the energy released by the Sun reaches Earth.
37-Rogue planets are not bound by any star, brown dwarf or another planet which makes them free-float around the galaxy.
38-Sweeps 10 is the planet with the shortest orbital period found. It orbits its star in only 10 hours.
39-85% of all stars in our galaxy are part of multiple-star systems.
40-Some brown dwarfs have liquid iron rain falling down on them.
41-The light emitting from the Sun is actually 30.000 years old.
42-Of the over 20 million meteors that are observable every day only one or two reach the surface of Earth.
43-The United States have approximately 3.500 astronomers, but over 15.000 astrologers.
44-The closest black hole to Earth is only 1.600 light-years away.
45-There are at least 10^24 stars in the universe.
46-Certain “star quakes” have been found to tear apart the surface of neutron stars.
47-Any free-moving liquid in outer space will form itself into a sphere due to surface tension.
48-The odds of being killed by falling space debris is 1 in 5 billion.
49-Neutron stars can rotate up to 500 times in 1 second.
50-The largest structure found in the universe is the Sloan Great Wall, a super cluster of galaxies 1.37 billion light-years wide.

Very interesting facts from Astronomers & Scientists.. I still could not get it about fact number 18 ? Half of the stars are visible at daylight with naked eye from Earth? Could anyone explain!