Talking about Apple’s iPhone

Talking about Apple’s iPhone

pr0xy k1ll3r from has a few good points on the iPhone… 

"Despite the fancy UI and all the buzz created around Apple’s iPhone here is the low down on why it sucks…

1.       It will be a closed platform running software approved by Apple only. That means Apple will get a huge cut from selling the software through its iTunes store. It may even charge a dollar per ring tone.

2.       It does not have 3G, but will have EGDE (2.5 G). EDGE is so 2006. 3G is faster but eats up the battery life, and apple may not have a good battery in place to support 3G.

3.       You cannot have an extra battery for iPhone. It is sealed. wtf? You can’t carry an extra battery?! Or do you have to send it back to Apple to change it so that they can charge you more money for it. What about when the phone hangs up, as most smart phones do? The best solution is to remove the battery and restart again as none of the buttons or touch screen buttons work. Let me see how they get around this problem…

4.       The Price: $499 (4GB) or $599(8GB) with a two year contract, by the time the contract is over your iPhone will probably be scratched all over like the Nano or be made obsolete by better phone on the market. Think at the pace at which the gadget market is going. 4Gb in 2008 – 2009 ? CRAP!!!

5.       Other reasons are poor battery life, no expansion slot, what is the RAM, Processor speed and other technical details?

uhm.. Let me see how Steve Jobs thinks he can capture 1% of the mobile phone market with this high priced phone that only high-end users can afford. Who knows, maybe he can but only by riding on the current popularity of the iPod…"
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