The World’s Top Universities Visit

The University of Cambridge (UK)

and Mechanical Engineering Student’s visitors from the

University of Central Lancashire (UK)

And as you see in the pictures, I’m there standing with my friends in front of the
Engineering Department. lol
The trip was on 10th/2/07
More Pictures of Cambridge are here.

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2 responses to “The World’s Top Universities Visit

  1. Just to say…the names of people in picture 1 from left to right; Muhammed Al-Harthy, Hamed Al-Harthy, Mundhir Al-Shaibani(me la), Khalid Al-Ramadani, Hummed Al-Maani, Muhammed Al-Naamani and at last (Al Dar3); Omran Al-Zidjali who is in Picture 2..
    Well, this is one of the best Universities in da world…its now even better then Oxford Uni….Cambridge Uni..consist of 31 colleges and its quit big…and Great place….More about the City of Cambridge Click here.

  2. This was one of my best days that I have in the U.K. Of course the place was beautiful but the most thing that make this trip very cool is the group that I was with…;)

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