Save Astronomy

The British Science & Technology Facilities Council is in trouble and under threat, suffering from large cuts in research funding. Their budget is short by £80 million. The reasons for the cuts aren’t clear (the details we know are on Paul Crowther’s website). There are several factors at work, but the important thing is that this is not the result of astronomers wasting money, but as a result of factors beyond our control. Astronomy is now being hit. World class telescopes and facilities are facing closure. University physics departments will suffer huge cuts.

Find out what will be affected…

I found this message in my inbox month ago, but forgot to post it here. Well you can see what’s going on, and we need your help. If you live in UK, you can help us by writing to your member of parliament urging them to press the government to fill the black hole in STFC’s budget.

Please visit if your interested.

Help us spreading this news. Just hit the Blog it button below or just copy the link and send it to all the people you know who can help.


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