World Wide Star Count Project Results


Three months ago I posted The Great World Wide Star Count Project, and here Comes the Results.

"The Star Count team is pleased to announce that citizen scientists from 64 countries submitted a total of 6,624 observations!"

6,624 Observations is a good news… a good step 🙂 , but the bad news is most citizen who had joined are from the same zones. If you see the map above you will notice that Europe and North America submitted more observations compared to the other zones.

Download maps:

World: JPEG (print) or (screen) | PDF (print) or


US & Canada : JPEG (print) or (screen) | PDF (print) or (screen)

Europe: JPEG (print) or (screen) | PDF (print) or (screen)

Download the Star Count datasets:

ESRI Shapefile, Google Earth KMZ, Excel Spreadsheet, or Comma-Separated Text file.

Coming Soon: Summary Analysis and "how-to" guides to help you with your analysis.

Thank you for your contributions to the Great World Wide Star Count! We hope that you will join us in 2008 and help us achieve our goal of 12,000 observations.

The Star Count team

If your interested for the results summary then keep visiting their website. Otherwise stay tuned for the next Star Count Project. 🙂

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