Name that Space Telescope!

From NASA Science News:

Would you like to name the next great space telescope? Here’s your chance: NASA is inviting members of the general public to suggest a new name for the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) before it launches in mid-2008.


Click here for the full story. Please read the important points like The telescope’s key scientific objectives, so you can give or suggest a correct name for this space telescope.

I did NOT yet suggest  A name for this telescope, ( still thinking) but look at the comments area for my updates and what name I’ve suggested for this telescope. You too Once you suggest a name please include it here.

Click here to go to the direct naming page. Once you’ve suggested a name, you will get a certificate of participation.

So HURRY-UP, the deadline for submissions is March 31, 2008.

2 responses to “Name that Space Telescope!

  1. Oooh….that\’s really interesting. I might try to rub two brain cells together if I can find a couple & try to come up with something 🙂
    Thanks! xx

  2. Hi Fluffy :)Thanks for you comments, hope you will chose a good name.I\’ve suggested a name just now..its not that goodThe name: (Space Eye Telescope)Explanation: (Space Eye Telescope is a good name for its mission in space. Easy to say and remember ) I might come up with a new name…still thinking

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