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100 Hours of Sunday

100 hours of Astronomy is a 100-hour (from the 2nd to the 5th of April 2009), round-the-clock, round-the-globe event inside the International Year of Astronomy.

Well many people who thought that Armature Astronomers like me can start their hobby when the sunsets were impressed.

This world wide event today shows people that Astronomy is not night hobby only!

Enjoy the Sunday

100 Hours of Astronomy 3rd update

Congratulations to Galaxy Zoo team and members for reaching 1 million clicks in 100 hours.

Anyone want to join the 100 Hours of Astronomy please join GalaxyZoo and start classifying galaxies.

It’s really a great thing to do online at 100 hrs of Astronomy 🙂

Yesterday million of telescopes world wide targeted the planet Saturn. It was a great historical moment for everyone who participated in 100 Hours of Astronomy

More: Please have a look at the following links below

100 Hours of Astronomy Interesting events :


Today’s April 5th is Sunday. Following the Sun with safety glasses and Solar scopes. The final event day.

Please have a look at Solar Physics Group>>>>>>>>>    


Have a great 100 Hours of Astronomy & a safe Solar observing.