Eid Al Fitr 2009 Moon waxing crescent sighting

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

We are about to enter into the last ten days of Ramadan, and here I come with another Astronomical report of the Moon crescent sighting (Hilal) of Al Shawal (Arabic Month). The sighting will take place on 19th of September 2009. 29th of Ramadan 1430H.

This Report of the Moon crescent sighting is based on Muscat location the Capital of Oman. Other Location the Data analysis will NOT be the same. If you wanted to know any information based on other location, Please send me an email or you may leave your comments here at the end of this post.

Well first of all, the Moon on 28th of Ramadan, (18th of Sep 2009) will be below the Sun Westside. So it will be impossible to sight the Moon crescent (Hilal) on that day, since the Moon will set down the Horizon before the Sun. As seen on the Picture below at 5:00 pm Westside Muscat the Capital of Oman.

On 29th of Ramadan, (19th September 2009). The Moon will be above the Sun at the same time 5:00 pm Westside and will set after the Sun, which makes it theoretical possible to sight the Moon crescent on this day. Have a look at the picture below:


Based on the Astronomical data report, the Sun sets at 6:05 Pm (268° W), and 6:18 pm (253° W) for the Moon which makes out only 13 minuets before each set below the Horizon. 

Technically the sighting time will be less than 13 minuets here in Muscat and based on location across the Country, the higher the altitude, the more time and chances to sight the Moon crescent (Hilal). So Sighting at Higher altitudes like in Jabal Shams (~3000 meters High) located in northeastern Oman will normally give better results compared to Muscat city area under same weather and sky conditions.

Other thing is the sky at the Horizon, which is normally the worst area to do any astronomical activities. The reason is that the sky acts like a lens and brings some illusion images like the Sunset red/golden light affects terminology.

Light pollutions is the worst thing for astronomical activities, so cities like Muscat will not be a good place for Hilal sighting. Higher altitudes away from light pollutions is always considered the best place to sight Hilal and do any other astronomical activities.

Back again to Hilal sighting in Muscat, the Moon will be theoretical visible at last moments nearly at 5:42 pm before it starts to go out of sight. As seen on the picture below:


In conclusion, the factors for sighting the Moon crescent (Hilal) in general across the country are too weak. Based on the age of the Moon, it will be very difficult and faint to sight the crescent across the country even if robotic telescope is used.

Age of Moon: Waxing Crescent : ~ 0.85 days old.

Chances of finding Hilal: ~ 10% Maximum across the country. (Oman)

 ~ 90% chances that Ramadan will be 30 days this year 🙂 .

Note: Based on my analysis and prediction.

——(Other Data)—————————————————-

The setting numbers are according to the GPS coordinates:- (Muscat/ Oman)

*Latitude: 23° 37′ 0 N,

*Longitude: 58° 36′ 0 E

Other Info: (19/09/2009)                   Sun                                       Moon

Rise:                                               5:53                                         6:15

Transit:                                           11:59                                       12:17

Set:                                                18:05                                       18:18

Software Used: Starry Night Pro Plus 6

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Mountains in Oman:-

Happy Moon sighting on 19th Sep 2009. In case you were lucky to see it, please call the Ministry Of Awqaf & Religious Affairs / Oman >>> ( 24694400 24695551 99376677 )

Other counties please call your Ministry or people who works regarding this :).  And make sure to answer all the questions they might ask like:

Your Name, Time sighted, Last time time/second sighted, location, location conditions, sky conditions, and how it looks like…etc  🙂

Visit Islamic Crescents’ Observation Project for latest sighting news across the Planet >>> ICOProject

May Allah (The God), Guide us all to Truth and keep us on the straight path in this remaining days of Ramadan, and so on thereafter. Ammen

Clear skies,



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  1. Hello everyone, hope you all had a happy Hilal Sighting 🙂 ….Well, As I said that 90% that Ramadan will be 30 days…And IT IS 🙂 …It was difficult in most part across the country….The weather was not good at all…from claudy skies..to dusty skies…Ramadan Kareem and Happy Eid Al Fitr 🙂

  2. Hi Mundhir 😉 Back from the future! (12 July \’10) Followed the link in order to further enhance my education 😉 Hmm…cloudy, dusty skies are all too common here…all the time! So no sightings of anything really interesting is perfectly annoyingly normal!! Congratulations on your correct analysis and prediction re 30 days Ramadan at that time…and the photos in this post are great…really eyecatching 🙂 Ok…back off to 2010…Clear skies my friend!!

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