Earth Hour 2012

Yeah Its Earth Hour Today 


Light On

Therefore Please switch of the lights and all possible electrical devices


This event is planed for 1 hour only World Wide, but I suggest you do the whole night, and everyday whenever possible..

And again, we’ve got good news for everybody Smile ,

For Astronomers and for Thieves as well..Please refer to my previous post for more info regarding this matter.

For General info regarding this event, please click here

Wishing you a Happy Earth Hour

In case you were a Thieve: Good Luck

The rest, Clear Skies

2 responses to “Earth Hour 2012

  1. Happy Earth Hour! Couldn’t switch on my laptop at the time cos it was Earth Hour! lol 😉 But better late than never…and I’m not a thief!! lol 😉

    Hoping for clear skies tonight…bought a pair of astro bino’s some time back now (less chance of losing them in time of trouble than a hulking great telescope…that will come later 🙂 ) Partly due to the suffering inflicted on my spine from craning head back to view the skies through them, a most unnatural position I might add 😉 I have purchased a tripod and bino adapter, and it’s cool! I now need clear skies to get out there and play with it!!

    • Hi Europa, hope you had a clear skies that night.. Great that you have a tripod and bino..They are the greatest set for grab and go Astronomy..I have mine as well..and will post some pictures later..

      Clear Skies 🙂

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