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Crescent Visibility Report for Thul Hijjah 1434 AH

In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Crescent Visibility  Report for Thul Hijjah 1434 AH (Saturday 5th October 2013) (29th of Dhu al-Qidah 1434) Based on settings*

Saturday 05 October 2013

* Settings:-

The geocentric conjunction (Geocentric New Moon) will occur Inshalla on (Saturday 05 October 2013) at 00:36 UTC.

OMAN Muscat, Long: 58:35:36.0, Lat: 23:36:48.0, Ele:21.0, Zone:4.00

Timing: (5th/10/2013)
Sun Sun Moon Sleeping half-moon
Rise 05:58:46 06:06:34
Transit 11:53:53 12:03:48
Set 17:48:56 18:00:37
Azimuth (Degree)@17:00 259° 57.277′ 253°  51.625′
Altitude (Degree)@17:00 10°  16.376′ 12°  19.247′

Age of Moon: Waxing Crescent (Hilal) : ~ 0.53 days old.

Set Time difference : ~12 minutes

Based on the Astronomical data report, the Sun sets at 5:48 Pm @ (264° 53.317` W), and 6:00 pm @ (259° 53.825` W) for the Moon which makes out only around 12 minuets before each set below the Horizon. It is therefore very difficult to sight the Crescent on this day not only in Oman but the whole middle east region.

And, based on the calculated crescent visibility, the start of this month in the Eastern Region will be on Sunday 06 October 2013 and in the Western Region will be on Sunday 06 October 2013. Hence the first day of Eid in both regions will be on Tuesday 15 October 2013. It has to be matched due to Hajj, And Allah Knows best.

The results will be posted later in the comments section below. Please visit later today for the final conclusion.

Have a nice day and Clear Skies

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