Mars Watch

Mars Watch

As Part of GAM 2014, It’s Mars Watch Event on 11th April 2014.

Mars will be in opposition – which is where the Earth falls between the Sun and Mars on the 8th, and Mars will be closest to us on April 14th at 12:54UT.

AWB invites you, me and everyone to hold a Mars viewing party on Friday April 11, and to take advantage of the good viewing due to these two events.  Don’t forget to register your event! For the rest, please join the nearst Event in your area.

In Oman/Muscat, AstrOceanOmy Observatory, will hold a Mars viewing party on Friday 11th April 2014 from 20:00 to 23:50 (UTC+4). Family and Friends are therefore invited for the event. Anyone else interested, please drop me a line in this post comments section. As I’ve got limited seats available.

Mars will be -1.5 magnitude with a diameter of 15.2” and a distance of 92.4 million kilometers making viewing quite favorable this April.

Even more: Name your very own crater on Uwingu’s map of Mars, and help create the world’s first crowdsourced Mars map.

Please visit AWB Mars Watch Page for more information

AstrOceanOmy Subscribers, please revisit this post at the end of the month for more updates and event pictures. 

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  1. Wonder if I can name a crater “Europa’s Icewolf” lol 😉 Or maybe they’d like a district or province with that name! Sounds cool to me 🙂

    Icewolfie skies!

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