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Build A Model: Solar System

There is a new solar system magazine. One of my friends heard about this during Astrofest 2008.

What’s interesting in this new magazine, is that you build your own Solar System as the picture shown below.

This Solar System Module consists number of stages, and each stage consists number of parts. In each magazine you get, comes along with it some parts which you can start building your module slowly. The Instructions of module parts assembly are all included in the magazine. Click here for more info

The module is really great. All the Planets moves according to the position and in real space time. This module parts are high quality made from solid brass, each moon is made from silver and even the planets are hand painted. WAW 🙂

There are currently 52 weekly magazines planed. (subject to change!) That means it takes around 1 year to build this module… 🙂 . I believe Patrick Moore has endorsed it. Watch him introduce to this great module below.

Patrick Moore

Subscribe now, and get the best offers.. The first Issue will be available on Wednesday 2nd April 2008 🙂

Click here to visit the Site

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