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see there’s more to me than you think

Well, how can I start this off? There’s so many ways I can… You’re my idol. You’re my muse. You’re my best friend. I love you for that.

Every day I love you more. Even after all the embarrassing things you did, even after all the quarrels we had, your absence makes me stronger. Even when you’re gone, you’re still helping me, and I love you even more for that.

When I’m lonely, it’s your light that guides me through the darkness. When I’m happy, it’s you who makes my smile even wider. When I’m sad, it’s your memory that cradles me closely in your arms. I love you so much for that.

Even though you’re gone, you’ve left so much of yourself here with me. Although, you left me so quickly, I was injured so brutally. I’m still bleeding. But your gentle spirit is taking care of me. The pain is easing. I love you for that.

Over time, the wounds will heal completely. But I’ll always be left with the scar of you.

Every morning when I wake up, I’ll look in the mirror and think of you. The scar you gave me will always remain next to my left eye. You never want me to forget you. I never want to forget you. I love you for that.

Everywhere I look, there you are. Clips of the past are on loop planted in my head. There are so many. I’ve got a beautiful garden in my mind now, abundant with magnificent, colourful flowers. The garden is so amazing. Every single flower, I nurture, water and cherish. Each day they grow taller and stronger. These memories give me the strength to stand up tall like the flowers, and face the future head on. I love you for that.

As every day passes, I’m not going to lie, I love and miss you more than the day before, but I get so frustrated with you because you left me so soon. But every day that passes, means a day closer to seeing you again. Your love pushes me to the next day. I love you for that.

I know you’re ok now. I know that you’re mind is resting. I know that you have found your peace, but I am yet to find mine. Please, point me in the right direction. I’ll love you even more for that.

Saturdays have lost all meaning. No Saturday will ever be as good as the ones with you. Even if I won the lottery on Saturday, I’d still agree to this statement. I’d love to just go back to a Saturday, about two years ago. I cannot explain how thankful I am for the good times had together. I love you so much for that.

You’ll forever be a part of me Peebo; I can’t believe that I’ve almost spent a year without you. I got 13 years out of you, I love you for that.

You contin

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