Mobile Hazz!!!

Using mobile Hand on the wheel not on the phone When a phone call can be fatal Talking on the phone while driving is a contributing factor to many serious traffic accidents. It is difficult to adequately concentrate on driving while you’re engaged in a conversation. Add such factors as rain or fog to the distraction of a phone call, and the chance for a collision increases. Deadly consequences Serious problems can result when you are engrossed in phone conversations while driving: You may run a red light or a stop sign. You may take a wrong turn or make a wider turn into oncoming traffic. You may over steer left or right and lose control of your vehicle. You may not see a dangerous situation and strike an animal or a pedestrian. Talking and driving don’t mix The best defense against accidents caused by distractions is prevention. If you don’t let any other activity interfere with your driving, there’s less chance for a crash. However, if you must talk on your mobile phone, there is only one safe way to do so: stop the car safely on the side of the road as far away from traffic as possible, and then place or receive a call. Remember, mobile phones are a distraction no matter what type you use (hands-free or handheld). If you see other drivers talking on a cell phone while driving, increase your following distance and remain alert!

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