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Earth’s Final Sunset Predicted

" "Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice," wrote the poet Robert Frost. Astronomers, it turns out, are in the former camp.

A new calculation predicts that Earth will be swallowed up by the sun in 7.6 billion years, capping off a longstanding debate over whether the sun’s gravitational pull will have weakened enough for Earth to escape final destruction or not.

Other theorists have predicted that our planet will fry as the sun expands in its old age. But the time estimates have varied by a couple billion years. " Click here to read more

Fry….haha I think its frying now… Global Warming. Earth, our only home, could end by us…Wars..

Really interesting topic about how the world is going to end!  Earth been Swallowed by Our Sun…eehh.  Or even more worse, Our entire Solar System been swallowed (no direction) by a Black Hole!! This also could happen….at any time. Leave the other possibilities like Earth been hit down by known/unknown object/s…or a UFO (Aliens)…whatever!!!

There are also other possibilities that earth could even be swallowed up or down 🙂 by other stars…who knows. Astronomers today say that Andromeda Galaxy (Messier M31 / NGC 224) will collide (merge) with our galaxy (The Milky Way) approximately after three billion years from now. And after merging it will be named as Binominis Galaxy. If we (the human race) were still Alive 🙂 hahahaha   Click here to read more

Earth’s Final Sunrise Predicted, Earth’s Final Spin Predicted or Earth’s Final breath Predicted

This will be the other new Topic name in the future. Just guessing!! Maybe why not. Scientists may discover other things…(life science secrets) …for now we know anything might happen to end and kill Earth forever.

At the end, not to forget, about the Big Crunch, the Ultimate fate of the Universe. That might happen at any moment to end the end. The opposite of the Big Bang theory.

This is up to now…there are lots of things which we don’t know yet. I’ll leave this topic to later time, if you’ve got any information please include it here… I would like to hear from you.  🙂