Daily Archives: May 16, 2008

WorldWide Telescope software

Congratulations to everyone who is interested in Astronomy software’s . The world leader in software’s; Microsoft, Introduces the new WorldWide Telescope astronomy software.


Above is the screen shot of this software. It looks amazing and brilliant. I cannot say its cons now, because its still in beta. The good thing I’ve noticed is that you can download or create your own guided towers with sound. Brilliant. Also you can connect your own robotic telescope and control it using by using this software. But first you need to download your telescope’s driver which is found in ASCOM.

I don’t really know if this software will hit Macs. But looks Microsoft are currently working on windows version only. For more info click here.

If ya need more detailed review please visit Stuart’s Astro blog.

Don’t forget to download your own software and test it for yourself 🙂