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Letter to Santa


Well, just browsing thru Youtube, I’ve found this great funny video by Craig.

Anyway I wish you all a Marry Christmas and a Happy New International Year of Astronomy 2009 🙂

The Cosmic Diary


Meet the astronomers. See where they work. Know what they know.

  • About the Cosmic Diary Project:

"The Cosmic Diary is not just about astronomy. It’s more about what it is like to be an astronomer.

The Cosmic Dairy aims to put a human face on astronomy: professional scientists will blog in text and images about their lives, families, friends, hobbies and interests, as well as their work, their latest research findings and the challenges that face them. The bloggers represent a vibrant cross-section of female and male working astronomers from around the world, coming from five different continents. Outside the observatories, labs and offices they are musicians, mothers, photographers, athletes, amateur astronomers. At work, they are managers, observers, graduate students, grant proposers, instrument builders and data analysts.

Throughout this project, all the bloggers will be asked to explain one particular aspect of their work to the public. In a true exercise of science communication, these scientists will use easy-to-understand language to translate the nuts and bolts of their scientific research into a popular science article. This will be their challenge." 4 More please visit:

Eid Mubarak


Eid Mubarak to everyone


The Photograph above taken by Marwan Shwaiki, the PDO Planetarium Curator. In Muscat / Sultanate of Oman.

Venus, Jupiter & Moon in Conjunction

On the evening of Sunday the 30th Nov and Monday the 1st December

Sky watchers across the world are in for a celestial treat Monday night as

two of the brightest naked-eye planets, Venus and Jupiter, join a thin

crescent moon to create a brief "happy face" in the sky.

Missed?? ?? ? ?

Enjoy the pictures!!!


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