Solar Observer – The first magazine of solar astronomy

Dear everyone,

Welcome to Solar Observer, the first magazine of solar astronomy.


Scheduled to be launch by Spring 2010.

FREE of charge for issue 1, in PDF format!

Free subscription for up-to-date information!

Sign up now at Solar Observer.

5 responses to “Solar Observer – The first magazine of solar astronomy

  1. Solar Astronomy…now this could prove VERY interesting…thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Still trying to sign up! It\’s not being very obliging!!

  3. Hi Europa 🙂 Hope you managed to sign up. Yeah its not very oblingingThe site looks still underconstrucation …

  4. I am eyeballing it in true alpha wolf fashion!! It has yet to back down to my eyeballing and allow me to sign up…but I can wait…I know it will give in, in the end! lol ;))

  5. It\’s now coming in 2 weeks. subscribe now, and spread to your astro friends and local club. It\’s completely free!

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